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Times article: Do VLCDs work and are they safe?



Always Struggling...
Thanks Summerskye! That was an interesting read! :)

Hope you don't mind me posting the link in the VLCD forum. :D


Always Struggling...
Please do Lisa - and you look great! Well done :)

Aww....how sweet....thanks Sharon! :D

I still have over a stone to lose before I'll be happy to be honest. But I am really struggling at the moment! Hoping to get there one day...or at least have a BMI below 25! It's never been below 25!

I look great?! Look at you!!! You've lost so much weight! What an amazing achievement! And you have managed to maintain it as well. All my life, I am either gaining or losing weight. I can't remember a time when I just maintained. It would be so nice just to do that!


Always Struggling...
Well if I can do it, anyone can!!

Now all you have to do is tell me how I can post before and after pics in my signature and I'll be REALLY happy :D

Now Sharon, if I can figure out how to post pics on my signature...anyone can!!! Ha ha ha! :D

I put the pics onto my Minimins album and then just copied and pasted them onto my signature! Not sure about re-sizing though cos I didn't have to re-size mine!

Looking forward to seeing your pics! :)


Always Struggling...
You're a star! Thanks Lisa :D:D:D

Yay!!! You got it, Sharon! :D

You look fab! What a difference! I love the new blonde hair colour! It really suits you! :)
That was an interesting article Sharon, thanks.
intersting thanks x
Of course there are the comments about piling the weight back on, and that these diets don't work long term.

I'm absolutely determined to keep the weight off once I'm down to my goal weight, there's no way I want to get like this again. I've got my kids to think of, that's my incentive to lose and my incentive to keep it off.

A big problem for me is a lack of exercise. I won't go to the gym or out jogging at the moment as I have body image problem lol. But I'm easing into it with the Wii fit and once I get a good porting of weight off I'll be taking up some more vigorous exercise.

And I'll be adopting a more balanced diet. I think after a few weeks of CD my mind should be used to not snacking. And I certainly won't be going out and scoffing Parmos all the time! For those of you who don't know:

Parmo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Looks awful, tastes bloody great!
ah yes, had a few of those in my time, I had a mate who was a Geordie and his wife used to make them at home. Have to say they are delicious. :D

and apart from the chips perfectly legal on my diet. LOL
Well, VLCD's definately work. But whether they're safe depends on how they're implemented.

A great book on fast fat loss is Lyle McDonald's The Rapid Fat Loss Hand Book, he really knows his stuff and he covers all nutritional bases within the book. A 600 calorie lean protein diet with low carb vegetables, EFA supplementation, vitamin supplementation, carbohydrate refeeds and planned cheat meals is a hell of a lot different to a 600 calorie per day crisp and chocolate diet. It's not so much the amount of calories that's important, it's more so what them calories consist of.

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