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tingly legs


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I may just be paranoid but I'm sure over the last coupld of days since I started LL my legs keep going to sleep really quickly! the other day my right leg went to sleep and I had to go to the loo which my fiance thought was quite funny to watch!! but on the way the left one started tingling It might just be how I'm sitting but just wondered if anyone else had had anytihng like it.


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OMG - that is so weird, I have had the exact same thing! All down the back of my legs, it keeps feeling like they are going to sleep, especially when I just stand up or start walking. How long have you been doing LL? I have been doing it for 3 weeks tomorrow. The sensation has started to go but I still get it occasionally. Thought it was just me being weird!


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
I've only been on it for 6 days, but yes I get it when I'm just standing there, and sort of keep jiggling my legs to make sure they stay awake!!!!

Am so glad I'm not the only one!!



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After about 6 days on lipotrim my legs started to feel like they do when you have cramp.......a tightening .....but the actually painful cramp doesnt happen.....it did ease though.....really weird. Then my legs felt like they were made of lead and it was an effort to move them....this lasted a few days.
Thankfully it soon eased and now I dont get any aches or pains.
So glad you have said that!!- i have just been on google typing in the same thing to see what is up with me!!. Got exactly the same thing going on. How weird.


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mmmmm strange!

As roch says, best to have a word with your LLC, let us know what they say, would be interesting to hear...

Hope your legs stay awake from now on tho :D
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Last night I was kept awake by tingling in my hands ands lower legs/feet, I think this is a side effect of low sugar in the body but not too sure. It was quite bad and very uncomfortable. Naturally I'm a little concern. Does anyone else have experience of this when laying down?

btw I'm on Day 7 of ssing
lol this is odd its mainly me hands and feet that go numb, and now my hands are constantly cold aswell, i just see it as im lookin fat so in not so well insulated any more haha, its only been this past week(week6) that ive been feeling this, i dont think its a majour concern as it doesnt happen often!


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Don't know if this helps but my LLC warned us all from the beginning that we will get cold hands/feets, as the body shuts down any unnessecary services due to the reduced calorie intake (not sure of the exact processes involved but that's also why the nails and hair apparently stop growing properly, maybe someone can explain this better than me). Don't know whether tingly hands/feet have to do with that as well, but if you're worried about it it's always best to talk to your GP.
I remember reading on the medical form before I joined that one of the downsides is that you could develop gout, I was really worried about this. My dad has it and he has exactly the type of things on his legs etc so you may want to get that checked out with your doc at your next check up.

Let us know how you get on.

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