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tinkerbellsmum's i will be good diary

been at sw 6 weeks now but done it before so kind of do it with my eyes closed and even though i'm still losing i think i need to write it down maybe i won't be as bad as i think.

thursday 30 oct

breakfast: cereral hb+ha

lunch: french bread 3.5 ham cheese ha
squares 5.5

tea: chicken potatoes hb peas
alpen light bar 3
2 homemade biscuits no idea how many syns
total syns 12
i thought i'd gone way over today
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wed 5th nov

been abit off the wall last week so i put on 2lb but made me more determined so heres today i'm on mix to match this week

breakfast: muller and hifi bar(hb)
lunch: jacket cheese(ha) beans salad cream 1
tea: 2xburgers and rolls hb and 3.5 bacon, cheese (ha) salad ketchup 1

snacks: apple,banana and almond cake 2

total syns:7
thursday 6th nov

breakfast: bacon sandwich hb

lunch: pasta

tea: 2 sausage(1) bacon egg mushrooms beans (hb)

snacks: apple 2 banana and almond cakes (4) crisps (6.5)

total syns: 12.5

finding this mix and match much better don't feel hungry at all
friday 7th nov

started off good but went to pot later

breakfast: egg sandwich (hb) muller

lunch: ham and egg omlette (ha) shape yogurt

tea: 2 burgers in cobs (7) peas with mint sauce

snacks: 3 aplen light bars (2 hb 3) crisps (3.5) crisps (6) apple 2 small pieces of bonfire toffee ?

total syns: 19.5 plus more for toffee oops


Gone fishing
:eek::eek::eek: Don't like veg??:eek::eek::eek:

Or is it that you prefer other things to veg?

There's a good article here about it

Hate veg?

The key: When it comes to eating—don't listen to your body! Instead, listen to a nutritionist and physician. That may sound radical, but only a radical approach gets excess weight off and keeps it off.

That's what it says towards the end anyway.

Must admit I wasn't a great veg eater once upon a time, but I'm really pleased I made the adjustment :)

So apart from the veg...sounding good :cool:
ok i tried veg yesterday and suprised myself i like it so gonna try more new stuff this week. and i must fill this in everyday and be honest so pls don't shout at me.

breakfast: yogurt + hi fi bar (hb) sugar (1) in coffee (ran out of sweetner)

mid morning snack: 3 slices bacon and a egg

lunch: butternut squash soup

tea: pork and veg 2 yorkshires (6) rice pudding (hb+ha) i forgot i was on red

snacks: bananna slice (2) aplen light (3)

total syns: 11
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breakfast: bacon and egg sandwich(hb)


tea: gammon,beef,turkey,potatoes(hb) carrots,sweetcorn,peas, cabbage (and ate them all) yorkshire pudding (3) stuffing (2) gravy (1)

snacks: aplen light(3) banana slice (2) rice pudding (ha +2) yogurt, apple, satuma

total syns:13
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breakfast: readybrek (ha+hb) shape yogurt,banana,satsuma.

lunch: bacon,egg,tomatoes

tea: meatloaf and veg

snacks: banana,crisps (3.5) banana and almond cake (2) 3 aplen light (hb+3) hi fi bar (6.5) shape yogurt

total syns: 15
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today is usually the day i make a mess of it by going over the top today because we r going to a friends for the night and i have no idea what they r cooking i planned to save all my syns and 1 hb and ha and eat superfree food so i can go either plan tonight but its not worked that way. cause i've hardly ate anything cause arguing with dp so only cooking for me so i tend to think lets not bother bad i know. nicoles had breakfast but both things i can't have heres what i've had.

breakfast: apple (i know:ashamed0005:)

lunch: 2 slices toast (hb) banana,satsuma,shape yogurt, crisps(3.5)

snacks:aplen light bar (hb)

tea: sausage casserole 2 sausage (did search on basic and they said 2.5 so 5) peppers, onion (yeh i knpw veg and i liked it to) packet mix casserole (?)

snacks: twix (kid gave it me i had to eat it she be affended lol 14.5 ouch) half glass wine (2 cause it was a small glass and i only drunk half)

total syns: 25 (bad but could of been worse)
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breakfast: none:ashamed0005:

lunch: cheese roll (hb+ha) and tomatoes crisps (3.5)

tea: pork ,veg,2 yorkshires (6)

snacks: 2 aplen lights (hb) shape yogurt,banana,party size dairy milk(4)

total syns: 13.5 (not bad seen as i'm craving choccy cause got my first period after giving birth to my son.)
breakfast: readybrek(hb+ha)

lunch: nothing :sign0007: was at docs ages having coil fitted and time i came out i only had time to jump on bus

tea: bbq beef burgers(hb+ha) and chips, salad

snacks: hi fi bar (6.5) pineapple, 2 banana, apple, crisps (3.5) shape yogurt

total syns: 10
breakfast: aplen light bar (3.5)

lunch: bacon sandwich(hb)

tea: gammon,beef,potatoes(hb) yorkshire(3) sweetcorn,cabbage,peas,carrots,gravy(1 )

snacks:banana,yogurt,fridge raiders

total syns: 7.5
breakfast: readybrek(hb+ha)

lunch: cheese sandwich(hb+ha) brown sauce, crisps 3.5 banana ,cake(2)

tea: baked bean lasagne

snacks: syn free rice pudding, hi fi bar 6.5,

total syns:12 will come back and syn sauce
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cause i didn't do it yesterday not sure i can remeber it all

breakfast: sweet omlette

lunch:egg sandwich (hb)

tea: stuffed jackets (hb+a) salad cream(1)

snacks: hi fi(6.5) crisps(3.5) banana cake (2) aplen light (3.5) bananax2 yogurt

total syns: 16.5 opps
breakfast: bacon egg mushrooms

lunch:turkey, potato(hb) yorkshire pudding(3) gravy(1)
banana cake(2) custard(2.5)

tea: mixed grill salad cream(it says table spoon but it was only teaspoon so put it as 1.5)

snacks: fridge raiders,banana cake(2) aplen light bar (hb only one cause thats all i had left) yogurt, banana

total syns:12
breakfast: toast (hb) spread (2.5) Ouch so not worth it

snacks:pitta (it was half mini it was small cause it was at baby group 2)ham,fruit bag, small milky bar(3.5 so worth it)

8 syns already omg
lost 2lb this week and today my off day trying to be abit better than last week allowed myself 50 syns which is alot less than i had last week when i lost control so heres today

breakfast: hi fi bar(hb)

lunch: kfc burger(20.5)

tea: cheese omlette(ha) salad. ginger cake and custard (10)

snacks: 2 hi fi bars(hb+6.5), ripple (9) crisps(5)

total syns:40.5

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