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Tinytootz's fresh start diary


Mini crazy cat lady
Hello AGAIN!

I've opted to restart. There's no point carrying on with what I am currently doing, as I am getting nowhere with it, losing nothing, just floundering. So perhaps a fresh start with a new signature, new ticker and new stats will help me out!

It's been a crappy few months TBH, and I have let food be my crutch. Currently at the tail end of a cold (which never helps), so I'm starting it today, and will up the exercise once I am feeling more human.

Now to edit the signature!
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Mini crazy cat lady
I think that's me all new and shiny and fresh :)

I hope it helps when I haven't got my 'failure' hanging over my head in the form of my diary and stats. I can do this, the only person actually stopping me is.......me. Ta-dah!


Mini crazy cat lady
Today is WI day. I'm not saying what I put on, as that would spoil the reason for a fresh start if I viewed it all the time!

I intend on eating:

Bran flakes - HE and Milk - HE

Lunch I'm not too sure on really. I don't really fancy anything to eat at the moment, as I haven't even had breakfast yet!

Apple and FF yoghurt

1/2 bottle white wine (if I manage it!) - 12

Gammon steak, poached egg and chips. OH is cooking, so the chips will be oven chips, he gets in a flap if I insist on SW chips. Not bought them yet, so looking for McCain rustic, or Aldi rustic as I think they are both fairly low. But anyway, the gammon is free, the egg is free, and whatever veg he chooses will also be free :)

Ended up:

Bran flakes and milk
Eat Smart lasagne and large salad - think its about 7
Toffee crisp cookie - 10 (now allllll gone out the freezer)
1/2 bottle wine - 12 (then diet coke)
Grilled gammon steak, poached eggs, baked beans and a few chips.

So I went over my syns. But I figured I would - I usually do on a Tuesday
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Hey, good luck on your fresh start, I am starting fresh this week too, on day two :) I find if I skip meals I tend to get mega hungry then monch on the fastest thing I can get lol so try and eat something for lunch even if you’re not that hungry, keeps the metabolism going as well! Keep at it! It will be the best xmas gift ever to ourselves to see the finished results :)


Mini crazy cat lady
Hey. Good luck on your fresh start, I'll take a nosy at your diary if you have one :) Tuesday is not the greatest day for me to start as it is the only day I go out for a drink, but we shall see!

I'm not really a meal skipper, more of a I-don't-know-what-to-eat. But I'm thinking supernoodles, and Ill whack some extra fruit in my yoghurt, got some blueberries and raspberries in the freezer :D

Still not had breakfast, and it's nearly 12!


Mini crazy cat lady
Hey there! I ain't really put anything yet, so you ain't missing much!

How's mummy-hood going? Such a cute picture, and so many exciting years ahead for all three of you :) x


I will be a yummy mummy!
It's going great! Bit crazy getting used to the new routine but I'm loving it... Even with the lack of sleep! She's a week old now and already getting cheeky!

Good luck with the new start - I think it's the right thing to do, hopefully it'll give you that focus you need.

I'll be jumping back on the wagon once hubby goes back to work in 2 weeks. Im 2stone 1lb above my pre-pregnancy weight so got some work to do!


Mini crazy cat lady

Hey. Thought I would message regarding my bankruptcy, and your impending one :)

Had my interview over the phone this morning, and it all went fine :) I get to keep the car, I get to keep my cash, I owe them no monies, no extra paperwork, done deal. I remain undischarged until 1th October 2012, then I am a free woman to start rebuilding my life.

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, none of it is anywhere near as scary as you think it is in your head. As long as you tell no lies and hide nothing, you have nothing to worry about at all.

Good luck with yours, let me know when you are going for it if you need any moral support :) x


Mini crazy cat lady
Food wise today:

Cereal and milk - He & HE

Mug shot

Lemon muffin (a celebratory muffin, I swerved the whole chocolate cake!)
FF yoghurt

Cooked breakfast:

2x WW sausages - 1
Tinned tomatoes
Baked beans
Trimmed bacon
2x Hash browns - 4.5
Slice WM bread - 3
Poached egg

Nom Noms
I am sooo pleased for you:bighug:

Been thinking about you today :) what a relief for you eh?

Am still trying to get the dosh together but hopefully by the end of the month, will let you know.

Thanks for the support



Mini crazy cat lady
Very relieved. But I didn't realise how stressed I was over it - I am absolutely 100% mentally and physically shattered! I can barely string sentences together, and as for type, well, I'm doing my best! It is a weight off my mind, but I am now worried that other debts might come out of the wood......but hopefully not!

Good luck getting the cash together, that really is the worst part! I lie, the worst part is handing it over :D


Mini crazy cat lady
Well, today wasn't good food wise, was it? Could have been a whole lot worse, and if it wasn't for the muffin I would have been way under, but I am forgiving myself :)
Yay , go you , new start ( on diff levels eh?)

Thanks for giving me the heads up too. It really does help having someone who has actually gone through it recently :sigh:

Thanks again :cool: xx


Mini crazy cat lady
I know. There's lots of people who have gone through it, but things have changed so much with it lately. The thing I was also relieved about is that it isn't going to be in the local paper. Nobody really knows I am doing it, only the other half, a friend and my boss. And I only told them because I had to for my own sanity!

It'll be fine. And as I say, feel free to drop me a line when you have the funds all ready, and if you need someone to fret to :)


Mini crazy cat lady
Tea last night was nom, I forget how tasty cooked breakfasts are, and how they can be eaten SW style. Didn't have enough super free though, as I don't like mushrooms. Oh well!

20/10/11 - M2M

Shredded wheat - HE
Milk - HE

SW wedges
Tinned tomatoes and spring onion
Small amount of grated cheese - HE


Now, if its chinese then I'll have to alter the day, and take it from there. If its Indian, I can stay M2M and have tandoori chicken and salad. If its kebab type place, then a large grilled chicken kebab with WM pitta and salad - nom
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