Tip of today!


Got a life thank you!
I have been wondering where to post this and decided here was probably the most appropriate place.

One of the things I really miss is that I eat with my eye's and if something doesn't look appetising then I can't eat it (ie, I can't eat stew to save my life because it looks yuk!).

I have started to mix up my mouses and rather than eat them from the mixing jug which is what I was doing, I have started to put them in a nice little shaped desert bowl.

If I feel like a "real" drink, I mix fizzy water and flavourings and drink from a wine glass or a nice "long" glass and for the crisps I have a cleaned out crisp packet I put them in.

I know it probably sounds daft but I figure I may as well enjoy what I am eating and make the most out of it rather than treat it purely as food packs and something to be eaten rather than enjoyed.
Excellent tips.. I normally put my mousse in a nice bowl just to make me feel like I'm having a special treat:D
I always had the soup in a bowl with a spoon as using cutlery made me feel more normal!