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Tips for mixing shakes please (new)


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Hi, I am starting CD tomorrow and will be making my first shake up at work. I have no chance of taking a blender into work as there are security issues there so I will be making it up in a beaker with a lid. I know how much water to use but as for the mixing, is shaking enough and for how long? Is it best to mix to a paste first and then dilute more?
I have read some tales about powder lumps left in mixes and wouldn't want to mess it up without anything else to see me through the day.
Advice appreciated, thanks
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I have one of those shaker things (borrowed from husband, which he uses for protein shakes) but i think CDC sell them and they have a grid thing in which stops it getting lumpy
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yeah i use those shaker things for my lipotrim shakes....(lol ive three)i never find lumps in my shakes but i tend to shake them for ages till my arms sore:p so maybe try that??....if u find ur getting lumps maybe next week get the tetras instead??.... i heard there smoother and there prolly a lot handier??.... let us know how it goes:) xx cc


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you can buy a shaker thing from your cdc....we have 2! one for home, one for work and its a god send! I take it everywhere with me for those 'just in case' moments! Def a worth while £4 spend! hth


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Thanks for those, it's really only a beaker with a lid but if I guess then if I shake it until it hurts it will be fairly smooth? I'm looking into getting one of the posher shakers
I don't suppose it turns out like the texture of McDonalds shakes does it................no?
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I got my shaker from the sports isle of tesco, ( it was with the body-building powders !), was only £2, has the mesh in it which really helps get rid of the lumps
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yeah the mesh really is what helps!!.... no sadly its nothing like macdonalds shakes.... the lipotrim ones taste quite like slimfast.... im guessing the cambridge ones taste similar?? not sure tho :) will know by tomoro am starting cd tomoro:) xxcc *hope theres no lumps tomoro, maybe using a straw to drink with will help minimize the lumps too??*
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Havent read other posts so sorry if im repeating other peoples advice. Take the ready made cartons - avail in choc, banana and strawberry.
I got told off cdc that the shakes you make your self have to be drank within 15 mins??? so if you pre make one then it wont be within that time scale


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I started last week and found the same issue about how to mix up shakes and soups without a blender. So I have some small flasks and I measure the water in before hand and then when I'm ready for shake or soup I just add contents of sachet and the shake them up in the flask. Haven't had any lumps yet!


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I also use the shaker, i have tried without and they are usually lumpy and horrible!! The choc mint shake is very thick and although not quite like a mcdonalds shake it does taste remarkably like a mint aero shake!!!Mmmmmmmmm


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Hi, The closest I've got a shake to a maccys milkshake is by blending 14-ish ice cubes with 6 fluid onces of water (instead of 8) and a pack of any flavour. They really do come out quite thick if you've got a powerful enough blender to break the ice. Lovely. x


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Thanks all, I did buy a protein shaker from Tesc*s which did the trick so I have left it at work as I have a blender at home which does the job better (gets the foam on the top). I'm lucky in that I have a freezer at work so getting the water slightly icy is good too. Liking the choc, choc mint, butterscotch and Fruits shakes so far!! (100% sole source :D)

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