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Tired, hungry and just a bit down :(

Have been back on SW for a couple of months now and have been taking it slowly, not being too strict but trying to stick to plan through the week and letting myself have a bit of space on the weekend when I need to. The numbers have been going down, slowly, and I was happy as I was approaching the next weight bracket....

But then I went to a festival this weekend and in the space of 4 days I am back to the weight I was 5 weeks ago! I know I have been taking it slow and I know that it is always easier to put weight on than get it off but I am so so disappointed. I am trying to get back on track today but I am so hungry! I feel like I don't want to have something with a couple of syns in like I have been doing because I will need to save my syns for the weekend if I can make this work again and speed it up.

I'm just so tired from the weekend as well and I'm feeling really down and disillusioned :cry:

Can anyone give me any words of encouragement/tips for getting rid of this gain?
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what have you had so far for breakfast/lunch? how about a superfree piece of fruit or a mullerlight?

have you had your hex a and b?



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I'm sure your "gain" will be only temporary due to the type of food you've eaten whilst away. For me eating off plan leads to temporary water retention due to a higher salt & fat content, alcohol and, ironically enough, not drinking enough water.

My advice - put it behind you, drink lots of water to flush out your system and the weight will come off again.
Thanks guys :) I'm really hoping you're right about it being water-retention/not a "real" gain because of the awful foods I've eaten causing me to bloat etc.

I have been good today, I had a coconut mullerlight with a banana for breakfast, ham and cheese salad sandwich on wholemeal for lunch (hex A and B there!) then had another mullerlight after posting this thread to try and perk me up a bit. Not as good as fruit I know but I didn't have any at work. Oh I had an alpen light this morning too, but thats only 3.5 syns. I think I will make a comforting yet syn-free tea tonight like chilli or bolognase padded out with loads of veg.

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