Tired while I lose weight

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    I am in the middle of weight watchers, and I must say I think I am eating healthy and gradually losing weight in an orderly fashion...well that is what the weightwatcher instructor tells me. One thing I have noticed though is that I feel a lot more tired than before. This may not be linked at all to weight loss, as I do have a 9 month old daughter, and this brings the joys of rearing.

    I just have a general question, has anyone else experienced this tiredness, and is it because I am lacking in something in my diet that causes this?

    Any suggestions?
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    Are you sleeping enough? Are you using all your WW points? Not eating enough during the day will cause your body to slow down in order to recover itself.
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    I must admit I find I have had so much more energy since I started ww. Do you try and eat the filling foods? I find they keep me going and helps me avoid that 'energy slump'. Do you excercise, I find that helps me? I tend to excercise in the evening when my wee kiddies are in bed.
    If you are eating all of your points, and eating a wide variety of foods, then hopefully you should be getting all you need. I do think that it could be parenting thats tiring you out tho, I caertainly find that my 2 tire me out at times lol, especially when they choose to wake me during the night!!
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    It may be worth getting a blood test and physical exam with your doctor just to make sure you are not anemic - which can happen after pregnancy. Or there is no underlying cause. It is, however, perfectly normal to be tired after pregnancy.
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    I don't do weight watchers so I'm not sure if there is something diet specific that would cause this, but I do now one of the main causes of tiredness in women of childbearing age is anaemia. It may be that you have been borderline for a while and some small change in the iron levels of your diet could have tipped you over. Can be easily diagnosed with a blood test and easily treated with iron tablets, or just by upping the levels of iron in your diet. I suffer myself on and off coz I'm quite naughty for not eating the right things.

    Hope this might help.
  7. You might be eating or sleeping enough that's you feel tired after your weight loss activity.

    You should also try consult your friends if they the feel the same so that you'll know what to do.

    Or maybe you need to consider another weight loss program.
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    Wow - how strange! Ive been on Weight Watchers since last August and over the past couple of weeks i've slowly started to feel more and more drained.

    Ive had enough of it now - so i'm off out in a sec to stock up on Vitamin B :D Green Tea used to help this but i drink so much of the stuff now my body is getting used to it!! Give the vitamins a go for a few days and see if that helps - that's what i'll be doing anyway :) x
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