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Im now 10lbs away from my ideal weight. However i'm absolutely shattered all of the time. I'm getting about 7 hours sleep a night which is when my body automatically wakes up, but after about 20 mins being up and about im ready for bed again.
Is this normal when you get close to target? I have never felt this tired during the last 8 months of LL abstinance.
thanks in advance
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If you've done 8 months then am not suprised you feel this way. Ive done six weeks and have days like this. Maybe its because you are so near to your goal. I think you have done fantasticley. Iam doing the 100 days and have been counting down since day one so I know how hard it is. You should pamper yourself have a nice bath, go back to bed if you can you should be very proud of yourself.
I do hope you start to feel better and you can enjoy being the new slim you, good luck.
Good point BL, its funny that hadnt even crossed my mind. The extent of the tiredness has only been the last week or so which does tie in.
I got really tired when I got to about 7lbs off target. I'd been abstaining for 7 months. My blood pressure was quite low too. It's weird. It was like my body knew when enough was enough. I started RtM 4lbs off my target weight. I've lost a further 8lbs in RtM. I'm in week 6.
If you feel that lousy, I would consider moving on to RtM. You will still lose weight for the first few weeks if you're worried about not being at your ideal weight. (So long as you follow it to the rule of course!)

Deb G

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I also struggled with the last 7lbs - I think its because your body is having to really search round and work hard to burn off the tiny remaining bits of fat to use as fuel (literally scraping the bottom of the barrel!).

I've just finished Week 3 RTM and have lost 7lbs - so if you're struggling it may be worth startig RTM and losing the 7lbs during RTM. If you don't manage it for some reason, you can always do a short course of abstinence at the end of RTM if the last 7lbs is niggling at you!
Good point BL, its funny that hadnt even crossed my mind. The extent of the tiredness has only been the last week or so which does tie in.

Aw bless - that may well be it. It's surprising sometimes what a good jar to the body will do - it really can throw your system out of whack.

In any event - hope you are feeling yourself again soon. And speaking of the car accident - how are you anyway? Is your old injury flare up going to pass without notice, or will you need further treatment? (I hope not. :()

I hope you feel well soon. :)

I think it's a common experience, Sil. I also had severe symptoms of tiredness and low blood pressure so opted to start RtM a few weeks early. I'm still losing, albeit a little more slowly and the symptoms have gone. Hope this helps.
thanks everyone its definitely 'food for thought'.
Im having more treatment on my back but thankfully it has only knocked my recovery back by about 2 months or so :)

thanks again all

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