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To all LighterLifers

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A positive note for us to think about during the winter months

While we are losing lots of weights, and all those people eating all there comfort food over the winter months and xmas, they will have gained the weight.

Coming up to summer we wont need to panic to lose weight for the summer, as we will have already done it

Im going to think this every time i get a craving real bad for food:D
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This is one of the things I keep thinking!! Ill be losing while other people are gaining! Its great. Im considering ordering a nice dress for going to a show in december for my sons 3rd birthday. we are staying in a plush hotel for 2 nights and although I wont be wining and dining I want to spoil myself with some nice stuff to wear! We are all going to be so much happier this christmas than last year!

I never really thought about it but it makes sence.:D

And for me too, this will be a year without a resolution to loose weight for many years, cos hopefully I wont be too far off my target:D
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Err I'm just thinking about the fact that next year is the first year in a long long time (since I was about 8) that I'll be going into a new year without the resolution or need to lose weight. That's an amazing feeling.
Isn't that great LS!!!

I keep telling my husband I need a new wish. He asked what I meant.

I told him every single birthday cake (blowing out candles); every wishbone broken at Thanksgiving; every fairy I blew on (dandelion); every shooting star;....everything you make a wish on, it was always the same wish.

Now I need a new one! :)

I suppose I will jst keep wishing to now keep it off!! lol

Good on ya girls. Start making plans now for how you are going to cope with the Holidays approaching - if you start mentally preparing yourselves NOW, it will feel natural when the time comes and it will be so much easier.

Well done all of you. :) :)

thats a great way to think of it. i keep thinking "ohh im missing out on all that seasonal food" but then again im not really missing out on much, i mean its only food.
and i hope that by summer i too wont have to worry about losing weight for my holiday because i will have already done it.
thanx for the possitive thinking. xxx
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Yes and what is one lost christmas, many better slimmer ones to come.
I'm so excited..
You are so right

I started my LL journey in Feb after starting to plan it from January.
By the time our non-existant summer came I was already well on my way.
Now I'm nearly ready for RTM that will take me through the winter.
By the time next summer comes I hope I will be well into maintenance and ready to enjoy the benefits of my hard work.
It may seem like a long time, but it's very short in the context of my life and the length of time I've been obese.
I feel like I've got my life back.
You will too. Good luck.:bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss::happy036::bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss:
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Aw welldone Slendabrenda. You look fab in the pics
welldone on your great loss
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As we are talking about Christmas meals, and it just being food, etc., I thought I would drag up the post I made last year after Christmas. I was not on LL at Christmas - I started a week or so later - but being so weight conscious at the time, I went through Christmas/Boxing date looking at it from a completely different view point. THis is what I wrote - I hope it helps to see that yes - it is just food - no big deal....
Well, Christmas has come and gone, and as I have not yet started LL, I was not abstaining. I ate the usual, however I didn't stuff myself as have done previously. Not sure if it is because I am more aware at the moment being just days from starting LL, or if it is because the meal was really not that great.

WHen I awoke on Boxing Day, I reflected over what I ate, and how I felt, and asked myself, had I abstained how might I feel the next day - knowing what I would have missed - and I thought, had I missed all the food the previous day, I really would not have missed much, and the next day came around like any other day - in other words - the world would not have ended.

It really was OK. ANd it was just food. ANd its the same food we have all the time - fat/sugar/carbs, etc., just in holioday form.

Better off stickin to your guns - thats the best xmas pressie you can give youerself. :)
You've hit the nail on the head BL

As usual - you are absolutely right.
I've got my family coming to me this Christmas - so I will be in control.My Mum is one of them,as with most of us there is a lot of psychology between us and it will be weird sitting back and analysing the situation. Obviously in some way her opinions of Christmas have rubbed off on me. My parents didn't get on well and Christmas was always a hard
time for us. Maybe food was used as compensation?
By the way my Mum is very slim and it's improtant to her, I have always been the only FAT one in the family. This year will be the first for almost 30 years that I've been slimmer than her.She tells me she's very proud of me, I tell her she should always have been!
It'll be interesting.............
BL: Isn't it fascinating reading these posts to see people starting on LL and remembering when we started out.
I hope we can help out when others have a wobble.
Good luck everyone. Remember it's in YOUR power to change your habits and take control of your lives again.:psiholog:
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@ slendablenda : She tells me she's very proud of me, I tell her she should always have been!

Wow, so true! :) and you are right about it!


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One of the ladies in our group asked does everyone plan to cheat at christmas and most of us said NO! I have made my plan for christmas day. Im going to have a hot bath, get dressed up, make up on and look my best. We usually eat LOADS at christmas but ill be more than happy to stick to my packs. Christmas means so much more than food, we will go a lovely walk and just relax in the & evening watch a nice film. I have it all planned and cant wait! Usually we hardly move and all fell bloated. Then wake up the next day feeling worse from wear from all the wine and overeating!!

I never though that I would be starting new year without the usual resolution!! WOW Ill have to get thinking of a new one!!
Hi Summerscream

Good name you've chosen - especially if English is not your first language.
Your English looks fine to me, don't worry, we all make mistakes.
You can be sure most of us wouldn't be able to post on here in your language!
Good luck with LL.It is being fantastic for me, hope it will be for you.
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SB - I know what you mean. :) Gosh - I remember those early days - and the pre-weeks in photo-detail. It brings back a lot of feelings and memories - all good really, if you think about it, as they all led to where we are today.

It just keeps going full circle! :)

I was the only fat one in the family too SB. :( Sucked, didn't it. I always felt like a square peg (trapped in a very round body - lol) But now I am the slimmest. It's realllllly wierd that. Very strange.

ANyhoo. Hope I cathc ya tomorrow!

Have a good week ahead! :)

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I feel really positive about Xmas, knowing that New Zealand will be just around the corner.

It will only be hubby and his 80 yr old mum, and she doesn't eat much, so I'm not going overboard with the food as I normally do each year, we don't like Turkey, so it will just be a traditional roast dinner, without all the 'trimmings'.

It's one Xmas out of the rest of my life, I don't think it'll be a true hardship.
It's going to be a strange christmas for me in many ways. First one without my Dad being here. First one in a ten years when I'll be looking forward to getting dressed up to go out on Christmas Eve etc. I'll be into management by then (only 2 weeks to go before RTM!) but I feel so differently about it already.
Seeing the food in the shops I don't feel the urge to go and buy a pack of six mince pies and eat them all at once. Nor to I feel like diving into a family size box of chocolates.
As for Christmas day, I'm sure Mum will make ridiculous amounts of food as usual but I'm just looking to a slice of turkey and a few veg. I think christmas has been about the food for far too long. I just want to focus on it being with the people I love and having a peacful day.
I'm not going to throw away a year of expense and sacrifice just to do exactly what I've always done. The thought of filling myself till I can't move like I used to it just silly.
I've learnt so much with LL. I just hope I can put it into action!
For those of you who won't be eating on the big day, it's not a big deal. I've been to functions, weddings, conferences and all sorts this year and not eaten anything. Stick to it and you'll feel so much better. Plus, just think how fabulous you'll feel next year! xx

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