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To buy or not to buy...



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Will having this dress in your closet motivate you to lose the weight you need to in order to fit into it? I ask because I've doing that and it has made weightloss very stressful. If you think it will be an inspiration and motivation to you, then do it!

Good luck! :wavey:
Dammit, the website wouldn't let me buy it, so I've reserved it to collect in my nearby town - Lucky i'm going there for lunch on Sunday!
I'm going to use it as a motivation - i've never really used anything like that before to judge how i'm doing body-wise, so going to see. If it doesn't work and I still don't fit into it, then I'll give it to a friend for a birthday present!!
I'm wondering if it might be too OTT for my Gran's 90th birthday at the end of Feb - thinking it might encourage me to do lots of body magic to try and get into it by then.

It probably will be a bit much, as it's in Germany, and we're only going out for a meal, but i'm still going to aim for then anyway!
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Glad you bought the dress and hope it is an inspiration to you.

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That is a really pretty dress, it looks like a flattering cut too :D Glad you snapped it up, you will fit in it in no time!
Just ordered two excercise DVD's, both are from the 10 minute solution range, one is yoga (good for my ropey back), the other is body blast or something like that (5 different sections for bums, abs, thighs and arms and shoulders).

So i'm hoping that some exercise will make all the difference to get in that dress!
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That is a really lovely dress, glad you got it. I don't think it's too OTT for your gran's celebration at all. Wear it with pride - you'll have earned it!
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The dress is gorgeous :) and will be a real motivation and inspiration for you. Can't believe it was such an amazing price!

We can be inspired together cos I bought a bargain pair of boots the other day which no way will fit over my calves, so I'm determined that by October I *will* be able to wear them! :)

You'll be able to fit into your dress for your Gran's do because you know you want to :)
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It is a really lovely dress. A special occassion dress. I would say wear it for your grans birthday and to hell with what everyone else is wearing. If you can get into it and you feel good in it wear it. Team it up with a pretty shrug and the jobs done.



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OOH that dress is lovely and I definitely think you needed it!! A bit like the boots I needed - they however do fit me!! I bought a dress in Oct for my hubbys xmas party in mid dec that I was going to get into, however I had a 2.5week holiday in Florida which kind of got in the way so I had to buy another one!! Mine however was not a bargain! That being said I'm considering buying a dress in the coast summer sale for my brother in laws wedding in sept, hopefully i'll be at target as I have 3 stone (ish i think, I want to be a size 12) to lose if not it should give me the boost to get there!!
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That dress is gorgeous so I would be very tempted by it too and hope it provides the right sort of motivation to keep on track.

The only thing stopping me from buying a new outfit as motivation (apart from trying to stick to the economy drive) is worrying that just because you get down to a certain size is no guarantee that that particular dress/ skirt/ top will suit you at that size. What have other people who have used this as motivation found in the end?

I am of course sure that you will knock them dead in that dress jennyonaplate!