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To cat owners.. URGENT..

My little Maceth cut himself on something a little while ago.. and its all healed relly nicely.. but today we discovered like.. its like a hole in his side.. quite near the old cut.. and its got puss coming out of it.. he isnt whinging or anything.. but he did when we washed it with wash water..
the vets isnt open.. what does anything make of this..
help much appreciated..

Cat x x
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sounds like a small abcess,i have a cat who hunts and gets bitten by squirrels and other things,these never show themselves until an abcess appears! don't worry too much,keep it clean,a small amount of salt in cooled,boiled water to clean it with is good,keep him in and get him to a vet as soon as you can,they'll probably give you anti-biotics for him,i'm sure he'll be fine
Yes agree - it's probably an abcess.

Wash with cooled boiled water with salt added, using cotton wool. Do at least twice a day and then see how he is.

My cat had 2 abcess' that cleared up doing this. But if not improved by Monday take him to the vets for anti-biotics.


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keep an eye on it once its cleared up, cos my late cat had a reccuring abbcess. Once it heals up on the outside if there is still be some inside it will come up again.If this happens it will need to be cleaned out under anaethsetic.


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sounds like the outside healed and the inside didnt, the vet will squeeze it out and flush the inside, then you should try and keep the wound open while it heals from the inside out. I'd keep him in.

he'll be fine though, he's probably a bit depressed and it'll knack when the vet squeezes it!

They usually get the, from a cat bite, usually top of the leg hip area.
Danger is them getting septocemia, so vets first thing monday morning.
we took him to the vets.. and they cleaned him up.. and gave him some antibiotics..
he says thank you very much for asking after him.. well.. he purred.. but thats what it translated to..
hehe.. thanks honey.. x x x


yeah.. it must have been before he turned up on our doorstep.. cos as far as i know..him and othello have never fought each other..
hes just such a lovely natured cat.. like.. i honestly cant say how much i love him.. although when he was lying on my assignment before.. lol.. little bugger..
x x

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