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To CD... or not to CD.... Advice really needed!!!!

S: 16st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st8lb Loss: 5st0lb(29.91%)
I need help.... I think... :sigh:

After falling off the x-mas wagon.... well.... 'things are just going BAD!!!

Seriously Bad.

I was trying to get into the diet again. I have TONS of foodpacks so I figured to save money I would have those then work through those with a small atkins-esque snack, then go back to CDC. Sounds like a good plan, right?

Only, I'm not doing that. First I just did the whole 'Ill start tomorrow' thing (ie. stuffed my fat face :rolleyes: )... but over the last few weeks I haven't either been doing CD or eating properly. Somedays I might manage one foodpack, other days it might be some tuna or chicken, and some days nothing at all!

I -know- this isn't healthy.... its not about losing more weight because I know about 'starvation mode' and that I would most likely lose more on CD anyway. I don't know why, just right now eating (or even drinking shakes) seems really hard. I'm -hoping- its just a wierd phase.... :sigh:
Its not like an ED, but its been 3 weeks, and I'm worried I'll turn around in 3 months and it would have morphed into one!

I've been thinking about the options. Like, I could try going back to my CDC and see if that helps.... it might make me focus more on doing the diet as it should be (she knows sometimes before I found it hard getting through all 3 packs), and having the tetra's might make things easier. On the other hand, being on a diet that allows no food might make things worse. Hmmm... maybe trying working up the plans until this stupidity stops?

I could try another diet... but then, that would involve meals which seem to be an issue right now.

Totally forgetting I'm overweight and getting a pizza.... tempting. I tried this one (well, with chicken and rice last week) and that didn't really work out either, it just made me panic about how I was going to just binge and put all the weight I lost back on.

So... any advice? Or had anyone been here with CD?

Thanks in advance


(Ps. For any new starters I'm going to make a disclaimer that this ISNT because of CD.... CD is a great diet!)
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
Firstly.. how much have you got to lose? your tickers are conflicting..

If you are having problems coping with eating my first advice would be to get that sorted.. see your GP for some help. Honestly, if you were my friend I'd say the same... I would be worried that shakes would be taking you away from a potential problem.

Also.. if you don't drink your shakes you won't lose weight as your body will refuse to.. so it won't work anyhow.

Seriously big ((hugs)) but that is my advice.. once you are sorted you could choose atkins for a while, ketosis style losses but continued eating so as not to risk reverting to not eating. Or.. one of the higher plans like SS+ or 810 etc on CD to ensure food is part of your day.

I'd wonder also if your CDC would accept you back if you were honest about your feelings at the moment toward food and shakes...

Good luck in whatever you decide. :grouphugg:


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Hi I have been where you are,with regards to wanting to do cd but not being able to,the dealing with food issues Im afraid I cant help you there.Purple hugs has given you some good advice on that one.
I think if it were me and I didnt have an issue with food and th problem was getting back into the swing of ss again,I would follow the advice on this link Beginning Sole Source the EASIER way also definatley make an appointment with cdc it can really help you focus again,and if you tell her about your food issues she may be able to offer some advice to you.
Good luck

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