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To class or not to class...

....that is the question!

Ive been thinking about going back to class to give me a little kick up the backside. I have weighed up the pros and cons and honestly dont know what to do.

* Good support
* Get thee kick up the bum i need
* Gets me out of the flat as im becoming a recluse recently lol
* Get access to online as I dont have an up-to-date book

* Left first time round because it didnt 'grab me'
* I cant overly afford £5 something a week
* Ive been doing it from home, so why bother going to class
* I can get support and help from this site

Dont know what to do! Help me my lovelys!!! xxx
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personally i dont think i could do without the class as you are more likely to keep it up if you have someone else weighing you if you know what i mean.
But if you can keep it up from home then do that i suppose evryone is different but i know i would probably not be as strick if i were going it alone
Anyway best of luck to you whatever you decide
try your GP, they may refer you and give you 12 weeks free if you qualify..
even if you only go for a month it would get you up to speed with whatever the latest is and like you say, give you a kick up the bum..


Now to maintain.....
you have to have a bmi of over 30 to get the vouchers,not all gp's do it anyway and a lot have stopped doing it now due to it being 'abused'.

it really depends on how you function as a person but for me its class all the way.
it gives me that something to answer too and keeps me on the straight and narrow rather than'oh well theres always next week/month/year' and i know i wouldnt have completed my journey anywhere near as fast had i not gone to class.
as for the cant really afford the £5....i used to used that line too before i joined.but being totally honest with yourself if you are not sticking to it properly do you not spend more than £5 a week on crap?? because i know i certainly did!!!! far more!!!!
Ah, my BMI is under 30, so GP referral will be a no-go I guess.

Right, I think i'm going to go to class tomorrow night to test the water and see how it goes. What you think? x


Now to maintain.....
Ah, my BMI is under 30, so GP referral will be a no-go I guess.

Right, I think i'm going to go to class tomorrow night to test the water and see how it goes. What you think? x

i think thats a fantastic idea!!! at the very least you'll get all the latest books in the starter pack and a refresh of the starters talk.
i would say to give it a few weeks though.....i originally thought it was a bit boring/samey etc and could have quite easily left or weighed and went after a few weeks.
but after a few weeks i realised that whilst it was a bit like that i always left with a few ideas,things i wanted to try,tips ec.making it well worth staying.


Now to maintain.....
its £4.95 a week.
im not 100% sure on that tbh hun.......you have to have more than 7lb to lose too to be able to join.


Now to maintain.....
good luck!!!!! let us know how it goes x
I did it alone last year and pretty much stayed the same. I did body optimise, the online membership between sept and dec and lost about 5lb but since joining class in Jan (for about the 3rd time) I feel so different about following the plan.

Theres an offer for Jan, if you buy a 12 week countdown, you dont need to pay the membership fee. Might be a good deal?

Good luck and well done on giving it another go :)
Which class are you going to go to? I went to one down at the red cross building near Norwich Road, which wasn't great at all, and been to another in Ipswich at a school near Christchurch Park, which was really pants (only 6 other members and a revolving door for consultants!).

Good luck!

Oh and just for others who might be thinking about the NHS vouchers - different Primary Care Trusts all have different criteria for dishing out the vouchers, so where one might say a minimum of a BMI of 30, another might say 25, and others 35 - it's not one rule across the whole country, so always worth finding out from your own doctor.
I'm thinking about stopping going to class as all I do at the moment is weigh in as I can't stay - my hubbie has just started working away midweek & I can't really have my 2 boys stay with me as the class doesn't finish until 8pm & can't really rely on anyone to watch them so I don't really get any support from class & paying £5 a week to weigh in is quite a lot when I can do loads with the money. I've got 2 weeks left on my countdown then I'm going to decide what to do after that. I've tried doing it by myself before & had no luck but that was before I'd lost what I have now, will wait and see though.

Good luck going to class xx
A countdown is when you pay for a block of weeks which I do - it's £24.75 for 6 weeks so you get 1 week free & if you pay for a 12 week countdown you get 2 weeks free.
I think that might be the one my friend went too (she loved it), Ipswich seems to be so hit and miss with SW consultants!

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