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To drink or not to drink!!!??

I am going away this weekend and whilst I am having no trouble planning and preparing the food I will need (we are caravanning), I am struggling to decide whether to drink or not. There is a big party on Sat night and I know I will feel a bit left out when everyone else is getting merry. This diet is going to be a long road for me and I kind of feel it would be unrealistic for me never to have a drink for the next year. The campsite is remote so if I don't take the vodka I won't drink as everyone else will be drinking wine:jelous:, what to do? Advice please.
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Trudy, I've only had a glass of wine on my birthday since I started the diet in July... believe me, it is not worth it..
If someone told me I could let a weekend go by without a glass of vino, I would laugh..
Yes, it is a long time, but don't think of it as depriving yourself from something you need, you owe it to yourself to stick to this diet and get where you want.. think of it as rewarding yourself.. It won't last forever and you will be having your drink in your skinny clothes in no time... :)
Hangovers on dukan are HORRENDOUS.
This is not an exaggeration - I've been drinking for decades, and my dukan hangovers were some of the worst I can remember since the 80s. Days of pain and confusion!

If you drink on Saturday you may well feel TERRIBLE for the rest of the weekend, which I assume would ruined the holiday.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Agree with everything said, it's much easier and safer to say 'No' and if you think you'll have trouble with your friends trying to persuade to drink some anyway you you could make up a medical excuse and hope they'll respect that.
Because apart from potential unpleasant side effects, having just one frequently leads to two or more etc and then the hangover will be REALLY bad as Atropos said and spoil the rest of your break, let alone what it will do to your body.

Personally I have never tired ot find out but I know that in conso all I needed was a small glass of wine to feel quite tipsy and it's not much better now, so I'm still a minimal drinker.
I would agree on the hangover front. Unfortunately I have not had the resolve to cut out drinking completely and my Dukan hangovers on 3 or 4 single vodkas are comparable to what I would have had after a whole night of double strength cocktails and 5 jager bombs!

Being in my mid-late 20s in London most of my social life revolves around drinking and working in PR a lot of my work too! I've gone from drinking 4 or 5 nights a week to allowing myself up to 1 night if feel I need it. I've also switched from wine, cocktails and double vodkas to a single vodka with soda and fresh lime. My friends are amazed that I've managed to stick to it and the owner of my 'usual' has even commented that his profits are going to be down this quarter!!

If it's just one night then try and avoid drinking if you can. I wonder how good my losses could have been if I could do that.


Dukan Ancestor!!
wow Vixx - well DONE on cutting back! I was never much of a drinker so going teetotal was not a problem for me, though I do now enjoy the odd glass of wine again.
Thanks guys for the support, managed to go away and stick to Dukan diet totally even when surrounded with what seemed to be a million cakes and treats that could tempt me, no drinking needed, had a great time and really enjoyed myself without the alcohol. So proud of myself too. Hope the scales reflect a good week tomorrow. Tx


Dukan Ancestor!!
Woo hoo!! WELL DONE, you can be very proud of yourself. And nice to see that no alcohol was needed to enjoy yourself either.
well done :)

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