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To the Experienced Exante/vlcd dieters

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Ive been doing exante now for a week, i just wonderd really to all those that had been doing exante for a good couple months, if you had a birthday meal out/a little treat ie takeaway, or just basically an evening where you had a meal. not an ex low carb meal i mean a standerd meal....How did it affect your weightloss.....did it make you gain or sts or did you still loose weight?

Im not going to be falling off the wagon but i do think im being abit hard on mself by saying im not allowed a meal til christmas day, i have my birthday my cousins birthday & my fiances christmas doo these are all basicaly 1 in oct 1 in nov 1 in dec i just really wonderd how you think it wud affect me eating frealy only for the the meal no pudding on those 1 evenings and maybe make that the only thing i eat all day.....xxx
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Hi babezone
I've had a couple of normal meals while I've been doing Exante, one at a wedding when I'd only been doing it a couple of weeks and one last week. Re: the weightloss, I still lost every week, but maybe only a pound or two those weeks rather than 3-4. I was very clear with myself that it would only be that one meal on that one day, and focused really hard on being TS for the next few days until I got back into the zone.
I'd strongly recommend you still have your packs as usual on the days you're going to eat out, otherwise you'll be so empty by the time you go out that you'll probably eat everything in sight! Also if you have starved yourself (and if you're anything like me!) you might tell yourself that you can have even more food than you really need because you've 'earned it'! Also if you can decide your menu before you go as well that should help you from feeling out of control.
So, in conclusion, if you really want to do it, you plan carefully, don't starve yourself, don't go nuts on the sugar, and get straight back on plan the next day it shouldn't make any real difference! Of course, a lot of that is easier said than done! :D
Good luck
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This is a perfect thread! I've got my birthday this friday and I was dreading it. But I thought of it like this. It's only one day. It'll ruin my birthday seeing all my family and friends enjoying a meal on MY birthday, and I know if I've been 100% i'll still loose, just not as much as previous weeks. And I think thats an ok price to pay. I'm not going to spontaneously combust if I don't reach my goal by day 100, and I'll know I enjoyed my birthday. Hope this helps. We're all in it to go the distance, an extra day or two isn't going to be that hard.
Hope this helps


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I don't celebrate my birthday etc what matters to me is my kids birthdays and Christmas. Christmas I don't tend to have the food anyway as I don't eat meat, and as much as I love veg, the last few years I just haven't bothered so much with it, so I'll probably be fine with a shake.

My youngest lads birthday is on Monday. I asked him what he would like for his dinner and he wants part food, so little sarnies, sausage roll etc this isn't a big thing, just me and my two boys and I feel awful not joing in with him. I had though about going without and sticking with the plan..but this is my sons birthday, so I think I will be joining in and having some cheese and a roll and a piece of cake.

I don't think you'll gain, maybe a small weight loss or an sts but if you get back straigh to plan after the damage should be at a minimum. You do need to think about how how the food will affect you emotionally though, will you feel awful for eating, like you've cheated? Will you feel guilt? Will you be able to get back onto it straight away or will the food take over?

I would give it some serious thought, and if you choose to eat, try to make it as low carb as possible to give you the best chance of recovering :)
hi . If you eat 1 meal and dont go mad , and get back onto it straight away then the damage will be very minimal . You will probably see a gain the following day ( due to the water retained with your carb store ) but it will be gone again in a day or 2. In the past I have had a meal and have still had a loss . The hard part is getting back on track without binging , if you are sure you can do that then you will be absolutely fine :)


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The question for you is whether you can do just one meal and get straight back on it, or if it will become an excuse for a day, a weekend, a week, a month.... etc (I know for me, I find it difficult once I start eating more normal stuff to restrict it to just one meal, and that's when it starts to affect your weight loss). Only you know the answer to that. Enjoy, whatever you decide :)
Just be careful if you do decide to go ahead and have a regular meal because it is sometimes very very hard to go back to exante and one meal out can turn into months off the wagon......I know because that's how I've been since last october! I lose a few stone, go out for a birthday/other celebration meal and fall off the wagon completely and it takes me ages to get back in and by then I've gained all my weight back!

So just make sure when you do have a meal to go straight back to exante otherwise you'll end up annoyed at yourself like me!
S: 14st13lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 2st13lb(19.62%)
Haha All of you have worried me now. Good idea about still having the shakes tho as i agree on the ill be starving so will want more. and if i keep drinking the water im drinking then that will probably keep me full any way. tbh i wouldnt want to undo all of this hardwork and i feel i cud be strict enough to get right bk on it after. I would actually like to be quite full before i go to eat so then i hopefuly dont want much. but i was thinking maybe just a side plates worth with a couple of things on. it is hard tho. maybe where ever i go i could order a kids meal lol. I dont feel like im at the stage yet of knowing when to leave food when im full! humpffhh this is guna be a toughy!!! xxx
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I hate to say it but you can't tell I have had an evening off and got away with it, I have also had an evening off and taken over 10 days to get the cheat weight off so ended up throwing 2 weeks on TS away basically it was so demoralising :(
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but just being honest as this has happened a few times to me :(