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Today I thought I was going to be attacked !!!

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Today I thought I was going to be badly hurt.

I can not ever remember being so frightened before.

I was at work, it was very busy, lots of people around . I wanted to go for a quick wee so rushed down to one of three toilet facilities. The one I went to is down a small passageway but has traders there too.

As I went into the toilets a mans followed me, a very large and menacing man. He closed the outside door of the block behind him. It is always left open. I was so scared. I felt threatened and very, very afraid. I went into a loo as quickly as I could and locked the door. In the meantime a Belgium lady who works there opened the outside door and shouted at him that the door has to be left open. As soon as she went he closed the door again. By this time I was like jelly.

Fortunately I had my mobile with me and I rang Paul and asked him to come for me.

The man meant to do me harm and I was terrified.

Security picked him up and banned him from entering the center again.

I was shocked and in shock and am ashamed to say I burst into tears.

I do not know how a rape or murder victim must feel before the attack.

It has really scared me.
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big bear

A bear on a mission!
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Oh no Granny Sue that's absolutely horrible. Thank goodness you had your phone with you & Paul came to the rescue. Take it easy & look after yourself!

Love & hugs XXX

P.S I'll send you some pics (2moro)of your grand daughters 1st birthday celebrations!! That should cheer you up XXX


all for my little man x
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Oh sue, how awful for you, there are some horrible horrible people in this world. Good job you have your lovely man! Sending lots of love and a big sloppy kiss from Charlie chopstick X
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How very horrible - you poor thing. x


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Only just read sue, so sorry to hear.

Glad you're ok and managed to call for help. Paul, your knight in shining armour again.

Glad security took things seriously too.

Look after yourself xx
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Someone was looking after you today my darling! You are safe, try not to think of what might have happened but celebrate your escape xxxx

I know it's easier said than done, a few years ago I was working in the post office when three men robbed it. Police told us that the man at the door of the shop preventing customers from leaving (the only one they never caught) would have had a gun as they knew how the gang operated, it was very hard after that not to think of what might have been, thinking of our escape helped us all xxx


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OMG! How scary! Thank heavens you kept your head.


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Oh Sue! How awful for you!

Now you make sure you take that moby with you everywhere! And practice your scream! Mind you, I have a recurring dream that when I try to scream nothing comes out :( That's scary enough!
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Thats awful. Glad your ok though x
Oh Sue, no wonder you were terrified and you shouldn't be ashamed to cry.
Thank goodness you had your phone with you.
Sending you a big hug, hope you are okay today and a little less shaky.


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There's no shame in crying in the slightest. Well done for keeping it real under pressure and thank goodness you're ok.

I had a gun pointed at my head by a gang of youths whilst in Turkey a few years back so I can totally relate to your fear. Although you'll never forget it, it will probably make you more aware of your safety in the future. Hopefully, others reading this will also double think about possible dangers in similar situations.

Glad you're ok.
Bursting into tears was simply your body's way of releasing the stress & tension that you understandably built up in that harrowing few minutes (bet it felt like a lot longer though). I'm pretty sure most or all of us would do exactly the same, so don't think you're an exception sweetie.

Lots of cyber hugs winging their way to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Thank god you had your phone with you and the presence of mind to use it!

There`s no shame in crying under the circumstances. Hope you`re feeling better soon. Sending you hugs!!

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