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  1. wychweaver

    wychweaver Member

    Hello everyone and a very Happy new year.

    Today I am taking my life back. My new job starts today (in an hour so I'll have to type quick) and I'm going to shed this 4 stone I've pilled on over the last two and a a half years.

    Last year i got divorced, (do have a lovely man in my life though) changed my name legally by deed poll, got this new job and moved house. I feel that I'm almost settled now and am going to tackle the bull by the horns, conquer and win!

    Just wanted to say Hi

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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

  4. HEmam

    HEmam Full Member

    Wow you've been busy :) hope your first day goes well. All the best for your fabulous plans x
  5. wychweaver

    wychweaver Member

    Thanks guys

    Only just been able to find the time to sit at the PC. The last two days went well. I've eaten extremely well.. raided the cupboards and pointed almost everything up.

    My new job is in the same place that I've worked for 10 years. I was permanent nights but have now moved onto days. My activity before was as such very slow, I just pottered about, got my jobs done, sat and read.. and now I'm really quite active. I've started cycling to work, It's only 2 miles there but every little helps.

    it feels good to be here :)

  6. HEmam

    HEmam Full Member

    That's fantastic well done you!
  7. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    Hiya welcome and good luck with WW. U seem to be in the right place of mind. All the best with it.

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