Tomato & Basil soup delish - what's your fav?

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Solo&theWookie, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Mmmmmm, a bit of salt, a bit of pepper and a dash of cayenne pepper. I'm in heaven! I didn't think there'd be tasty things on this diet! I was also surprised by how filling they are! I couldn't finish the soup earlier so only had about half, then watered down the second bit added more seasoning and I feel like I'm having another full meal! Delighted!

    What are you favourite things on exante? Or tips to turn your least favourite into something scrummy!
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  3. sal210707

    sal210707 Full Member

    I'm only on day 6 but did this diet a few years ago to lose 2 stone after having my first child. Now needing to lose 2 stone again as didn't bother losing it after baby number 2 ..2 years ago! I tend to split the packs. So I will have a whole packet of Shake with double water as I think I need the clothes in the morning. Then for lunch I have half a soup with 300 ml of water and half a bar... And then the same for dinner. I love this diet.. Already lost 7lbs... I'm much better at maintaining my weight after rather than sticking to other diets! This diet is great!!!
  4. sal210707

    sal210707 Full Member

    *** calories not clothes!!!!***** ha ha
  5. Oh well done on the loss so far! That's amazing! I'm going to try and stop myself from checking the scales until Monday (7 days after I started). I might need to get my darling husband to hide them from me or I'll get obsessive! Does anyone have the meal packs? The carbonara and chilli look really good! I'm thinking I might order some more and throw out my shakes. Just do bars for brekkie, soup for lunch and then meal for dinner.
  6. Great idea on splitting them Sal! I've just halved a bar for brekkie and had half a chocolate milkshake (hot) with a shot of espresso in it and a few stevia tablets. Amazing!
  7. jellybellies

    jellybellies Full Member

    I haven't yet found anything that i love, I like the choc shakes have gone right off the vanilla ones but just ordered some meal packs cos like you i think they look and sound nice so fingers crossed by the end of the week i'll have an actual favourite to help with surviving the diet
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