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Tomato Soup... Good or Bad?

The tomato soup is absolutely disgusting :jelous:

The chicken isn't bad, but you need to add some tabasco to it. The chilli not the best but I haven't made crisps out of it yet so will need to try that. The veg isn't the best but is alot nicer than the tomato :p


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HAHA realised what i wrote there! Was meant to say 'people talking about the tomato soup'. Must be the lack of calories causing a brain fart. :D


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i love the spicy tomato.... it's the only one i get


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When it says spicy how spicy are we talking as i cant really take spicy food. Also with the other soups ive tried ive found them to be very peppery which for me isnt good. Hopefully ill like it as am fancying a wee change.


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i hate spicy food so it aint spicy at all really...


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it isn't spicy really. just has a tiny twang to it. it's quite sweet tasting. it's the only soup i can stomach really, ha. i do have some of the oriental chilli which is ok... but much prefer the tomato :D

saying that some people find it gross, you're just going to have to try it hon :)

abz xx


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I can't stand spicy food, but the tomato isn't spicy at all. I actually find the vegetable soup more so (and that's my favourite by far).

You'll never get us to agree! I think the tomato is pretty 'meh' but it is very popular. It's absolutely nothing like Heinz, though.

You also have to prepare the tomato soup a little differently to the way you prepare the others, so there's that added brain ache. These packs have made me so lazy!
Its totally down to individual taste, i love tomatoes....but that soup is disgusting!!!

Mrs B

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I fond the soup tastes ok but the smell is really offputting. Loads of people really like it though. You can only try it yourself.
Yep, def personal taste. I thought the veg, chicken and mushroom and tomato soups were okay when i started but by week six and since the thought of eating them makes me gag! Choc shakes, choc tetras and choc bars is all i can manage now and i dont have a sweet tooth.
I have to echo what the others are saying, it really is about personal taste.
I am the biggest sweet fanatic yet I cant stomach the sweet shakes :sign0137: plus I totally haaaaate the tom soup but really like chick n mush/mush + veg soups!

Just try all of them once to see how you go, plus the really weird thing is my tastebuds have changed - I no longer crave the same foods as I did when I started, strange....
its nasty i live chicken and mushroom also made into crisps


Mistress Mush!
Ive got the chicken and Mushroom ones, I'm too frightend to try them in case i dont like them lol.
Not a fan on Mushroom, but got told by my CDC that it was mostly chicken flavour!


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I quite liked the tomato soup but it repeated on me all the next day and made me feel ill so haven't had it since. You may as well get one to try you might be pleasently surprised xx
thankies for replying everybody. Im going to try it methinks. Trying to think of other flavours to try whilst listening to elvis :D. Not usual i know but what the hell!

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