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Tomato Soup


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OMG :eek: I tried the tomato soup today at work.

I left it in the microwave a little longer than I should have and just got it out as it started coming over the edge of the cup.

My colleague, commented, "what the fcuk is that? It looks like someones vomited in a cup" :eek:

I have to say I couldn't drink it after that :eek: :eek:

Don't suppose any of yous have any 790 recipes for it or an idea on how to make the other 2 sachets of it more enjoyable? ;)

Kitty xxx
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Carpe diem

Maybe someone has made crisps from it - I've never cooked a pack so I can't help here (plus I like the tomato soup as soup)

Hope someone can help you out!


The Diet Guy
Hiya Kitty

Just be careful when microwaving any of the packs as you can damage the nutrients in them.



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Oh, blimey. I didn't realise, thanks for that.
What's the best way with soups? Just to use the water from the kettle?

Thanks RD - It's either that or a tomato muffin :D:D:D


The Diet Guy
Mix into a good paste first with a little cold water (especially mix well with the tomato) and then fill hot from the kettle.

Also the kenwood frothie maker is excellent for these.



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I think I'm going to put a Frothie maker on my list for xmas, I've heard a few people say how good they are now :)

Thanks Mike, I've been nuking all of my packs if I want them hot, so will use the kettle from now on :)

CW Consultant

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You must be extra careful with the tomato. It has special instructions. If you put hot water direct onto the powder it seperates and curdles. This is due to the acid of the tomato and the skimmed milk base of the soup.

So 50mil cold water mix well then top up with boiling water. This is the only one you can use boiling water on as cold is added first.

Other soups boil the kettle and then leave for 5 mins to cool slightly. Avoid the microwave.



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Oooooooops - Now that really does explain the strange texture!

lol I feel like a real muppet - perhaps I should try it again, properly this time though beforeI rule it out completely



Not dieting ATM!
Hi Kitty

I know exactly what you mean with the tomato soup. It really does seem to need to be protected from the hot water by a good bit of cold first.

But I wanted to tell you that it you make it right it is lovely. I really appreciated having a pack with a nice strong and different savoury taste and I have the tomato almost everyday. The chicken and veg are very similar and the thai chilli I really don't like.

Fingers crossed you enjoy it when you get the technique right.

Dizzy x

ps I find that if I make it up i a nice big mug it is still plenty strong enough and is still nice and hot too even though I used quite a bit of cold to mix the paste.


Back again!
Hi Kitty

I ended buying a Kenwood Frothie maker & it really did make a difference with the soups, especially the tomato, I think it blended them really well too. Plus its good for any of the packs you want hot, I used mine all the time, so much so that I've worn away some of the base through constant washing! Only downside is its SOOOOO noisy but other than that a good investment. :)


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I got a Frothie maker on my first day and absolutely love it. I hate the tom soup though. The froth from the maker made it disgusting so I think using a bit of cold and the kettle should make it nice. My friend was on CD and doesn't do it anymore and gave me some packs she had leftover and a couple are tom so I might try making it with the cold water 1st.


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I think the best thing to make your other two Tomato soups enjoyable would be to put them on Ebay for sale! ;)

Tee hhee heee. They're not that bad. I find the vegetable and chicken&veg far worse. The best flavs are Oriental Chilli and Lactose Free Mush. OOoohhh La laaaaa


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p.s - I've found the best hing for soups and shakes in the whole world. It's the Lock and Lock shaker thingy. I've tried most things which are practicable for work and travelling and this is by far the best. My work would take kindly to me bringing my own electricals to the office and my aerolatter doesn't work for me. Waste of time.


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I use to love the tomato soup but have gone off it now a little, would not be my favourite...now I love the veggie one...

I think you go on and off the different flavours...

Love Mini xxx


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can't bare the bars. I have two (peanut) to go to a good home if anyone wants them!


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I'll swap you my tomato soups for the bars ;) LOL

Will have to look up the lock & lock thingy.

Mini, I agree - my tastes have changed considerably on the VLCD. on LL I couldn't bear choc, on CD it's all I have ;)

Kitty xxx
Morning all,
Haven't tried the Tomato soup yet-got my first weeks packs yesterday and had intended starting yesterday but, made excuses cos of Guy Fawkes night!

So will have a soup at lunch-time-just had the Cappuccino mmmmm! We are going to get on just fine!



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Hi Jax, glad you like the cappucino, I think all the shakes are OK, the butterscotch is a little bland maybe but all the others are good(imho!). Make sure you add cold water first to the tomato or it seperates and is grainy - REALLY yuck!

Good luck with SSing:)
Thanks Natpot,
Going to have to try hard today but, am looking forward to getting rid of this flab that controls my life and thinking.
So, focused and looking forward to a day where I begin to become thinner! yay!