Tomoro will be day one!


Vicki, Fife
Starting LL tomoro, getting nervous about the control issue. Usually I dont have any when it comes to food. This website seems really good. I will read this when im feeling like caving.

I have got an LL diary with a list of about 15 reasons I need to loose weight to keep me going too. So I should be ok, anyone else in the same boat got any tips?


Anyone from Edinburgh of Fife?
We're all in the same boat!

I have been shocked by this diet, yes it is hard, but its still easier to stick to than anything else I've tried!

Tips are to keep busy, the first days are the hardest and then it gets easier.

Keep busy with anything, reading, minimins (arcade?), go for a walk, have a bath, do a jigsaw (yes I know I'm boring lol) before you know it the first week will be gone and you will be into it properly.

What I sometimes do as well is go on to the lighterlife website and read (or re-read) the success stories.

Keeping a diary is a good idea so you can remember why you are doing it!

Best of luck, soon you will be on your way to health and slimness!

There are not many of us on here scottish, but there are a few, I'm from Aberdeenshire myself.


no wonder i feel seasick!!!
Hi I am Vicki,

Only 20, but have been over weight... well forever really, starting tomoro at just under 16 stone. I hope to be 11 stone for my 21st in July, that'd be fab. I have tried other diets in the past but got fed up of not seeing any difference so now is the time to try LL. I am all geared up, drunk loads of water today to get myself ready and wrote my reasons to loose weight:
  • Be able to run after my son better
  • Bridesmaid at my mums wedding 23rd March
  • Stop getting sore ankles
  • Feel sexy when going out with my friends who are stunning
  • Have self confidence
  • Live Longer
  • Not be the fat mum
What are everyone elses motivations?
I keep a diary and write what I am wearing each day. I deliberately wear the same clothes after some pounds weight loss and write again. I do weigh each day and write about how I feel about the loss. Quite interesting reading it all back. I think my weight loss journey will be slow. Although on Lighterlife I am not very good at sticking to it rigidly but the weight is coming off-Thank Goodness
I like that Idea, Im constantly getting annoyed at buying new clothes because of weight-gain, it'll be nice to put on those clothes weekly and feel them getting looser.
my reasons are...

I had gestational diabetes and have been told I am high risk, lose the weight lose the risk basically!

I didn't want to be fat and 30, but I was, so I made sure I was well on the way by the time I was 31 (about 3 stone down)

I also want to have more energy for my daughter.

I don't want to be old and sick before my time.

I was fed up not being comfy wearing ANYTHING and having to just put on what fitted wether I liked it or not.

Its my 10th wedding anniversary soon, I want to have made the best of myself. I may not be at target (1st march) but hopefully will be within half a stone. I want my husband to wonder who I am lmao!

thats about it really there are more, but I'm tried and can't remember at the mo!

Now it'll cost you a fortune buying smaller clothes instead!

I know about the buying what fits thing. My friends are always asking why I don't like to Shop in River Island or Topshop and things, surely they realise I have gained 3 stone in the last 2 years and am now a size 20!
My Motivations!!

Go shopping with my annoyingly skinny sisters and not be able to buy stupidly expensive clothes because i have no money! not because they wouldn't fit me! :D

Be able to catch the puppy when he runs away! :eek:

Look good(ish) in a swimming costume!

Be a good role model to new customers (am a cambridge councellor)
Hi , im on LL but would like to know the price of cambridge.

Is it £35, and is it correct that you dont get anu group therapy?
:) Hi there xxVicki20xx! (From one scottish lass to another).

I am also from Scotland but have never lived there. I was born in Aberdeen, which is where most of our family live. I have lived abroad in Germany and Luxembourg most of my life and now in England for about 20 years.

I wish you lots of luck on your first day. I remember I just couldn't wait to get started. I'm on day 17 now. Just remember no matter how hard you are finding it in your first week that IT DOES GET BETTER!!!

Good luck!!
Meeting went well. I am looking forward to tomoro and actually starting! First meeting went well, got a few tips but the water drinking is gonna probably be the hardest part.
I'm about to start on it (1st appt next week- can't wait!). Reasons are:
I don't want to be 25 and fat
I want to look on the outside how I see myself on the inside
I want to be healthy (have already quit smoking and am now teetotal)
I want to look beautiful for my partner.
I want to be able to go diving without looking like a walrus

There are loads more but that's some reasons off the top of my head...
Well done you on the quiting smoking and drinking, it seems that since you managed those two you'll manage the weight loss ok, I have just fin day one. It went well still have some water to drink and only like one foodpack so far.
First few days have been ok, not great, feeling a little dizzy today day 3. I have lost 5lb in 2 days:) , so its kept me going was having thoughts of giving up this morning but changed my mind at the loss.
Well done on your weight loss!

5lbs. in 2 days is excellent.

Try drinking your water over the course of the day and I have found if I am not drinking enough water I can get a little light headed.

Hope today is good for you.

Love Mini xxx