Step2 810kcal tomorrow is my first day

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  1. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

    Good evening slimmers. I thought i would start a new thread to share that I am doing Step 2 and have 9 stone to lose. I recently had an epiphany of sorts where I realised that I CAN control my own destiny. I hope to use this thread to keep away from the fridge and keep myself focussed. I have a mantra 'do something that makes you happy every single day'. I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and they say a new habit takes 21 days...

    I also would like to admit that I have eaten to punish myself and to make myself ugly. I am not saying that fat=ugly but I know I don't look my best at 9 stone overweight! I admit that being fat does not make me happy - seems obvious but it is time to act.:sigh:
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  3. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    Sounds like you are motivated enough to do the diet. Good luck with today.
  4. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    Best of luck with the plan, you'll be amazed how quickly it melts away and how fast you'll start feeling amazing, You can do it :) xxx
  5. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    Good luck, you CAN do this!
  6. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

    I have had an excellent weekend everyone. I managed to stick to the plan, ate chicken and veg, tuna and veg and was pleasantly surprised by he amount I could actually eat on 810 plan. I have been repeating my happiness mantra and saying that 9 stone is too much weight to carry. I am focussing on the first 3 stone because 9 stone is too daunting to consider.

    I am really trying to change my inner-monologue and how I talk to myself. It is hard but I can change. How has everyone else doing?
  7. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

    weigh in tomorrow. I have been positive so hopefully it will be ok. Although the painters are in... will that effect my loss?
  8. bex-garv

    bex-garv Member

    I've also started step 2 and I'm now on day 19. I want to lose around 5 stone to start with and see how I feel after I hit that target, I have joined this site for some help and encouragement. Good luck everybody xxx
  9. Amber.x

    Amber.x New Member

    I am on day 3 of Cambridge and im doing step 2. I have just over 1 stone to lose although I'm only going by that number as that's what I've put on since having children.. I'm more interested in inch loss to be honest :) how is everyone finding it? I feel surprisingly well and it's easier than I though however if I exercise I seem to get very dizzy :( so haven't been exercising x
  10. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    How was weigh in?
  11. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

    2lb off but I did start totm on wed... all in all ok!!!
  12. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Congrats, onwards and downwards!
  13. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    I started on step two before Xmas with 3 stone to lose. I have less than a stone to go (there was a hiatus for both Xmas and a long weekend in Edinburgh). Step 2 is surprisingly easy though and I feel I can still have that salad when eating out with my friends so socialising is easy enough. Not sure if cope with sole source toouch of a social bunny! Good luck everyone.
  14. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

    my motivation is poor today. I am very hungry right now which is very, very bad. I need to refocus myself and remember that I am doing this for myself and i want to be successful. I think that even though it was totm I was a little disappointed to have only lost 2lbs which is annoying last week.

    i am also afraid of eating even though i can on 810 plan. I feel likie I should be ss'ing and am scared that 810 will stop me from losing weight. Am I crazy? I have to do this...
  15. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    If your sticking to the plan I can't see how you won't lose weight. Just stick with it and remind yourself why your doing this. This site is a God send too, so many helpful voices when you're feeling like it's going to fail.
    Keep going. You can do this!! X
  16. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

    5lbs off!!! half a stone in 2 weeks!!! woop, woop!!
  17. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Congratulations, hope you're feeling well chuffed. X
  18. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

    HALF A STONE IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!

    :)thank you Anne, i am feeling focussed and fabulous!! I will do it. My next goal is to get to 17stone 10lbs because this will be 10% of body weight lost.!! Go Me. thank you to all those who have read my posts and sent positive messages!!
  19. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    You sound very positive so I'm sure you can do it. Just keep chipping away at it. Good luck. :) x
  20. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

    I don't know if I should use this a a diary to vent but it will stop me from wanting to eat when I am so very, very angry. I realised today that I just cannot be heard. I believe that is why I have over eaten. It seems like a cliche to say that I 'have stuffed my face to stuff my feelings' but I realised that today that is true. I am a teacher, so ironically I am 'heard' all of the time but as a person with feelings most definitely not. Today has been a painful day emotionally to face that situation and confront subliminal and overt bullying. I say 'confront' because I know I will not. I will adhere to the principles of the great Johnny Depp when he said (when asked about gossip and rumour I believe) 'never complain and never explain'.

    I have spent a long time working with a counsellor to address these issues because they are deep-seated and long-standing. Whenever I think I am 'over it' something happens to knock me off my perch and those feelings of loss, loneliness and powerlessness overwhelm me. I am a simple person fundamentally. I don't understand office politics or games. I am not cool or popular or even some might say very interesting; but what I am is level-headed, determined, focussed, loyal, kind and have a strong sense of integrity. These qualities are pretty boring I know but they are who I am. I have always been good. I ate to preserve other people's feelings, I do the tasks that are asked of me by the deadline set and ask for help if I can't meet a deadline for a reason.

    What I cannot do is be heard. I cannot get my emotional needs met and I cannot seem to get love. I know that love must come from within and I must love myself before anyone else will love me. The dichotomy and irony of this is that i wish to be seen (at 18 stone 5 who cannot see me!!) but i wish that i could be really seen for what goodness must be there.

    I really do wonder if being fat makes my voice impenetrable? is it because I am a 'big girl' or obese that my voice is invalid or makes my plight less palatable because I am a fat girl and subconsciously fat=unimportant or inconsequential. I have never been skinny. I have never had (thank god) the health problems associated with obseity (so far..) and yet I do not know what I would look like at a normal weight or how people would respond to me. Will I cope with the 'god you've lost weight' comments and the 'you look so much better/slimmer/healthier'? I am afraid to lose weight because I may be seen, or worse still, I may still be invisible. Will my voice be heard if I become physically acceptable? How will I cope if it is not and the reality is that it is just me; fat or slimmer who is unworthy enought to say what I feel?

    I wonder about those people who 'have a strop' and get satisfaction. Do I want to be them? Those people who seem to attract support and advocacy without doing very much... those people who attract warmth and sympathy and even affection without seemingly having to earn it. How could I be that person?

    Today has just made me very sad. I feel unappreciated and unvalued, criticised and misunderstood. I think that being misunderstood is such terrible feeling - I am unable to be me. Somehow, being me isn't acceptable and I need a new 'face' literally and metaphorically to find a sense of fitting in and belonging. When did this happen that the great cliche of 'just be yourself' really does not mean that? Why am I so stupid to have missed the memo?

    My CWP consultant is away this week so I am doing 810 for 2 weeks without a weigh-in. It is surprisingly easy to do which is good. I can't let this diet define me because that will be a shame but the diet will give me a body that I can learn to like and maybe even love.

    Thank you for reading. Maybe this is my voice?
  21. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    I've just read your post. I'm not certain that by losing the extra weight it will make others see or treat you any differently. Some will, some won't, but I think that says more about their own lack of character rather than your own.
    What I DO think will happen is that you will see YOURSELF differently, and hopefully this will emulate from you to those you come into contact with. It's not purely about losing the weight, it's the journey to get there. Imagine how proud you will be when you reach your goal, the pride in yourself you will feel. You can do this, you are stronger than you think.

    People only treat you the way you let them.

    This has taken me 47 years and 2 failed marriages to learn.
    Good luck to you, today is a fresh day, make it yours! Xx

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