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tomorrow morning 8am...me and the scales *gulp*


Violet is shrinking
its weigh in day tomorrow and im sooooo nervous about getting on them scales.... im a bit worried that :hitthefan: :rolleyes:

scale hopping at the begining of the week and seeing those 2 pounds has made me worry...4 lbs was my target this week and i just dont think ive done it.. ive not cheated or anything but ive just got such a bad feeling... i just know how poo im going to feel if ive put on or hardly lost and its only my 2nd weigh in...guess we'll see what tomorrow morning brings :rolleyes:
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Fingers crossed you get what you want! Last week I was three lbs down, will be happy with the same this week.
I have a feelin ive put all the weight i lost back on :( hope not but can but see! xx

Good Luck! xx


Violet is shrinking
Hi petal,i know how you feel...i really want to have a 4lb loss this week..but i got on the scales last tuesday the day after my 10lb loss and it showed i was 2lbs heavier,how on earth i could put 2lbs on in a day i dont know...but as everyone here said your weight is up and down all week,so what matters is weigh in day, which i know is right but ive just become obsessed with those 2lbs,i may not have put any weight on but tomorrow morning is approaching and im going to be gutted if the scales dont go my way.....

good luck Petal!! :)


Violet is shrinking
aww Kirsty, what makes you think that? im sure we're do well and surprise ourselves!! :)
I'm sure you'll see a good loss. You've been good all week and stuck to the rules so theres no reason you shouldn't get what you want. xx
I lost 7lbs in my first week of Xenical and then went on to loose a stone in the first month. But after such a big loss in one week, I do often find it's slow or hardly anything the week after. It kind of goes in cycles for me, so if it's not the 4lb you are hoping for - don't get too disheartened as it will probably come off next week. And remember, to loose 10lbs in 1 month would be great, so to loose that in a week is amazing. Don't worry too much xxx


Violet is shrinking
well done Petal!!!! :D

thats excellent!!! :talk017:

do you have a diary thread? i'll have to have a read,see what youve been doing :)


Violet is shrinking
i lost 2 pounds :rolleyes:
Well done Bunny and Petal!
Hi Bunny Hops, I don't have a diary thread. I haven't done anything special really. I've cut out eggs, cheese and potatoes. I don't have a sweet tooth so not eating chocolate or biscuits etc doesn't worry me. My problem was I loved the butter dish, crisps, cashew nuts coupled with a terrible lack of exercise. I've upped the exercise (exercise bike and Wii Fit and Sport) and I also drink 2 mugs of green tea a day which some say speeds up the metabolism.

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