Starlights Diary - First month done :)


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Here we are again, new diary, new diet :rolleyes:
Ive faffed about with VLCDs for too long. I do like them, and I like the speed the weight comes off but its too restrictive socially and its scary how fast you regain if you just come off for a holiday etc.

So its back to my old faithful WW again.
Im not going to classes but Ive joined online, so Im using the app. Got my Eating Out Guide and my Pro Point kitchen scales arriving any day now. I havent been this fired up or focussed on a diet in ages.

I started on Monday and when I peeked at the scales this morning Id already lost an unbelieveable 6lbs :eek:

I see this diet section and diary forum is very very quiet hopefully itll pick up soon
Here to subscribe hun. Good luck with your journey xx
8lbs in an excellent loss for a first week... well done you!! x
Well done 8lbs, fantastic xx
Well done a stone in a month is fantastic hun :) xx
Thanks Im really pleased. Appear to be about 3lbs down this week already!!

Im really struggling to eat all my points most days theres so many of them!!! Ive been having a treat night on my weigh in night which makes a dent in my weekly points then the rest of the week I tend to be under my points. I have to say though Im eating a lot healthier (says she who had a McDonalds Big Tasty last night at 0300 at work lol) Ive been cooking lots and Im ordering fruit from my fruit man every week and actually having proper meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cant believe the sheer amount of food Im eating and still losing weight its mad lol

Why would anyone want to do any diet other than WW ;)