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Toning tables


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I started using them last week so a bit early to tell. I know someone who lost a lot of weight a few years ago and credited the toning tables as the reason why she had hardly any loose skin.

I am doing my toning table session then a session on the powerplate twice a week.so fingers crossed between the two and with the other exercise i do, swimming and walking i should be making a difference.


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I used toning tables regularly, but it was about 15 years ago! They did help but to be honest I did go from doing absolutely no exercise so not sure if it was coincidence!

I now go to a ladies only gym that uses air resistance weights and it's working really well, to me, it's a lot like toning tables but you are doing exercise if that makes sense?!


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I've bitten the bullet and have my induction tomorrow. Will have to find out more about the air resistance training, sounds good.


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Can someone explain to me what toning tables are?


wannabe yummy mummy
Caroline its's kinda like a piece of gym equipment that does the work for you. It moves (different beds move in different ways to exercise different muscle groups) and your muscles resist the movement therefore working them out.
If anybody else can explain it better please do :eek:

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