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Toni's Weight Loss Mission


Skinny chick wants out!
I'm off to the pharmacy tomorrow morning to hopefully get my first lot of shakes. I'm getting married in October 2010 and don't want to wear a size 20 wedding dress so I've decided to give LT a go.

I've got about 6 stone to lose and would be very grateful to hear from anyone who is or was in the same boat as me.

Much Love! x
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All the best for the morning hun. Lipotrim is great, its honestly the best diet I have ever done. The weight just drops off as long as you stick to it.
There are quite a few people on here who have lost well over 6 stone. It averages out around 1 stone per month.


Slowly but surely!
Hi Hun, just wanted to say a big GOOD LUCK LT is a fantastic diet :) x


Skinny chick wants out!
Thanks peeps...I'm getting really excited! Just hope I can stick to it cos I'm sick of being this big.

Well done on the weight loss...you must be really proud of yourselves?

I'll update you tomorrow after I've been to the pharmacy.

Hello and welcome, good luck for tomorrow :O)



maintaining since June'09
Hiya and welcome! I look forward to seeing how you get on!
Hey hun, all the best, LT works only if ya are 100% focused in doing so. I've about 10 stone to lose so if ya need a buddy I will be happy to be there for ya


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Heya :) I have around 4/5/6 stone to lose before the summer this year... so we're sort of in the same boat :)


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. You will easily lose 6 stones on this if you stick to it. I've lost 5st 2lbs in 14 weeks and still going. I have just under 3stones to go and hopefully will be pretty close to my target in another 10 weeks.

Drink plenty of water and keep your goal in mind and you will do it. Good luck!!


My husband = My hero
Hi hunny,

good luck for today! you will be fab! you will be feeling positive as soon as you walk in!

What a lovely reason to slim down, if thats not motivation i duno what is!

congratualtions on your wedding, you must be really excited!

iv got about 5 stone to loose.. so in it for the long haul like you!



Skinny chick wants out!
Thanks for the support guys...it means a lot!

Just got to work and having my first strawberry shake! Quite surprised at how nice it is...feeling really positive and determined! Got a choc one for lunch and might try the chicken soup for dinner.

I'll keep you updated

Much love peeps xx
Hi, welcome and good luck!

I started 6 weeks ago with 8.5stone to lose and i'm almost 2.5stone down already :) :) :)

Best of luck with the first week and keep letting us know how you're doing!


Skinny chick wants out!
Ok guys...I'm starting to feel hungry! How long do you think I should leave it between shakes?

I'm sipping water like a good girl, but I'm determined I'm sticking to it...

Got a choc one for lunch...should I have it hot or cold?



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Have it cold :) It's pretty nasty when it's hot imo... can't beat it cold ^^


Skinny chick wants out!
Mmmm...choc shake is pretty tasty! Having it cold and with a little more water than the last one.

Gonna have to wait ages til my next one so I don't have the urge to eat something later

hiya good luck with your first day, i started today as well, so maybe we can jolly each other on.....it is a long time until tea isnt it:)
Welcome Toni.. Im getting married dec 2009 on to my second week of LT and I have 6 stone still to lose...
You'll get into a gorgeous dress and its great that you are doing it early...
I used to take my shakes around 10am, 4pm, 9pm.

In the first week or so, you can also try splitting your shakes, so you can have six half shakes, this might help the hunger. I also drank black coffee when hungry, the hot drink helped.
Welcome hun to the best diet in the world!!!
You'll soon lose that weight!!
I usually have my shakes at 10am, 2pm and 6pm...but everyone is different. Congrats on the forthcoming wedding!! Cant wait to see you in your tiny wedding dress!! xx

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