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Tonsilitus argh!!

Hi all

I have been diagnosed with Tonsilitus (had them out when I was 6!) anyway I have been diagnosed with Penicillin and wouldnt you know it, it kicks you out of Ketosis and I am getting the worst hunger pains. Nightmare

I fly to Sri Lanka in the early hours of the morning for 4 weeks so not impressed that I feel crap. I am not giving in to the hunger pains though no way not after 11 weeks of SSing.

Might mess up my weight loss though my LLC said

The penicillin is making me feel sick too

Oh joy

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Oh Jo, tonsilitus is horrid, didn't realise you could still get it if you'd had them taken out though :(

Sure the penicillin will kick in soon & make you feel much better for your trip, try not to worry about it messing up the weight loss, it might not, and in anycase won't be for long, so try to hang in there! :patback:

Hope the trip goes ok!
Aww sorry you're feeling rough - of you stick to the pla you'll still loose weight just may take time for things to settle. Know what you mean about hunger pangs - am on day 2 & would kill for food! Had a torturous time round sainsburies...


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:sick: Sorry to hear you're ill Jo - tonscilitis is horrid I know.



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Sorry you're not feeling well jo

We had a chuckle when my friend got tonsillitus when she didn't have any tonsils, just seems impossible!

Hope you feel better soon, and have a great time in Sri Lanka!! :D :D
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Did you know you can also get gall stones when your gall bladder has been removed? weird isn't it!

Anyway, health comes first and tonsilitis is so much more than just a sore throat which some people seem to think is all it is! Don't be tempted to stop taking them early to get back on track with ketosis, your infection will just come back with a vengeance!

Hope you are already on the mend and enjoy your trip!

Hi Jo
I think I have tonsilitis just now - off to see the doc after bank holiday. I suffer with it on an annual basis (ouch), but still have mine.
The weird thing is, my throat's not sore but the glands are all well and truly up and my neck is very sore.
I'm very worried about it to be honest, and wondering if your GP could see any link to the diet at all?
It's so weird to have the tonsils so swollen but not the usual accompanying sore throat...


has started again!!
Took my son to GP last week, with raging tonsillitis, poor chap. He said " I suppose its helpful, Mum, me being ill in the holidays so you dont have to take time off!!" Bless him!

Anyway, GP said tonsillitis tranforms into (pl excuse spelling here) pharyngitis, in those who have no tonsils. He said it can be really nasty.

Hope all is well now!

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