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Tonsillitus on CD..

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Hey there,

well as you've probably guessed from the title I have tonsillitus..but not the normal variety - a rare one I've been told by docs....eeek!

I obviously told them about CD and they've banned me from having it until one week after my medicine course of treatment is finished :( so I've got 2-3 weeks of *still liquid* food. My tonsils are so huge I can't even swallow water properly without being in pain so I've been put on a liquid diet of juice, runny yoghurt, icecream and anything else that's in liquid form that will keep my energy up.

My dilemma is.... I'm only a stone off my target weight and I'm really worried that this is going to jepodise everything I've worked really hard for the last few months! Also not allowed to do any exercise as need to save my energy for recovery but it was during this last stone I was wanting to tone up etc!

Oh dear I'm all in a bit of a kerfuffle.

Anyone else been in the same sort of situation or got any advice?.....please?? :)

Thanks, Jacqui xxxx
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I had tonsillitis whilst on CD, I also suffer from it really badly and couldn't eat, drink or swallow. My GP took me off CD and it was a disaster. I had to eat more carbs since I usually have major reactions to the antibiotics, I needed to fill my stomach, but I didn't eat a thing for about a week, then went on a massive binge when I was feeling a bit better, which resulted in me having to restart. I was about 5 weeks in and gained over 8lbs in a week.

By the sounds of it, the 'diet' your doctor has advised you to follow would be seriously lacking in vitamins and minerals, whereas your CD packs would allow you to get all the vitamins, minerals and protein you need, and you can carry on losing weight. I am not going to advise you to go against your doctors wishes, but it does seem a little odd. Most GPs tell you to drink and eat moderately warm food now rather than things like ice cream, it can be more comforting, easier to swallow and the numbing effects last longer. The CD packs would have been perfect for this, 3 hot chocolate shakes a day :)

You do need to quit the exercise, your body really does need to rest. I doubt you'll have the energy to do it anyway. Try not to worry too much about the diet, the important thing is that you're healthy. If you rush getting better you're more likely to get struck down with it again. As long as you can avoid binging, you probably won't gain much more than water weight (which will fall off easily) cause you won't be eating much. Honestly though, get lots of rest, as much fluid as you can manage and get better.

Hope you feel better soon x


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi jacqui, poor you, bet you feel rubbish right now!
Obviously wouldn't reccommend you go against what the doc says but seems strange that a liquid diet (CD) containing all your necessary nutrients, vits minerals etc should be banned and then you be encouraged to eat food that would possibly be lacking in lots of vital nuturients.
Sorry i can be of more use, hope you feel better soon!


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S: 19st4lb C: 19st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.48%)
Why don't you try having your 3 (or 4) packs for the vitamins and minerals, add in some of the things your doctor advised, so yoghurts, ice cream and what not. Best of both worlds then :)

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