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Too big for Alton Towers?!?

Hey guys

I know I am currently too big for the rides at Alton towers. I had one extremely embarrassing experience where I had to get off one of the rides there because I was too fat! I've never felt so humiliated! Hence why I've not been back there (or any other theme park/fair ground) since.

But my friend wants to go for her birthday this summer and I just wondered if any of you know the max girth that you have to be to get on the rides?
I'm still a very big girl but I've lost some & intend to lose lots more.

I just don't think I could handle going & having to be escorted off the rides like last time! Not to mention it's very expensive if All i get to do is just get to follow my friends around & watch their bags as they have fun.

I think I heard somewhere that most of the rides won't close if you are over 50inch circumference?! Does that sound about right?

Thanks, any help would be appreciated

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My husband works for a theme park and this is something that does crop up quite often! A lot of the thrill rides will have a mock up of the seat so you can have a try before you get in the line! You have to hunt for them but they are usually there xx I doubt there is a max or min as such as every ride will have a different restraint system but try calling customer services? I take my special needs son to Alton and they are always really helpful! Hope you have a fabulous time!!

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Slimming down the aisle
Yup, it's around that. Some of the rides have 'wide boy' seats which allow up to around 54". The over the shoulder restraints for rides like Nemesis and Oblivion are up to 52", but that's max so you need to be a little less for wiggle room! A lot of the rides you need a certain number of clicks, I think it's 4 but if you'd bigger then you might need an assistant to help push the restraint down to get 4 clicks from it.

I know the spinball ride has a weight restriction of 17 and a half stone, the rest are all size not weight.

I was asked if I wanted to go to Alton Towers on Friday for a 'date'.. ugh hate that word! But I said no just because I didn't want to risk being embarrassed!!

I seem to remember before that if you're above about 49ish inches in your chest, you may have issues with some of the rides as even though they fit up to 50 inches, they need 4 clicks out of them!
Thanks u guys. That's really useful! I've got a fair amount of work to do then before I'd say I'll fit in them ok. That's a good point About the chest region... I was thinking more waist & forgetting the boob area lol. I'm going to be measuring myself everyday between now & then lol

I bet it is a common concern but I still don't think I can risk it just yet. I can still remember the shame of having to get off and walk past every one staring at me like I was a freak... I'm not brave enough to risk that again until I know I'm deffo under those measurements.

Ooh good luck on your date (where ever u choose to go) :)

& thanks for the info... It's helped me out lots


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