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Too good to be true

And it seems like it is. Having followed SW religiously for 3 weeks, I have this week regained the solitary lb that i lost last week. Eating carbs does go against the grain, but I have enjoyed my HEXbs, and even had 2 EE days over the weekend enjoying wholegrain rice and some potato. But I did think there was no way I could lose eating like this. I have followed it to the letter. I have averaged around 10 syns, having no more than 15 in any one day. Now I'm just ready to give up!! AAAGHHHH!!!!! I've had a cry, and I can't think of what else to do but carry on. If I stop I really will put on weight.

My diary is there. Lynda's Brand New Start. If anyone can read it and give me some pointers I'd be really happy. I've got 6 weeks to a photo shoot, and I relaly don't want to look this much of a heffer. If I could lose half a stone I'd be happy


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Just going to have a look for you now Hun.
Right ok...just read your whole diary and from what I can see, you eat the same things quite a lot and also not a lot of it!
If you are doing lots of exercise, you need to eat more of the free stuff Hun.
Also a few times you have admitted to going over your syns. This will sadly make you gain weight!
I dont want to appear harsh, but re-read your diary and then have a look at another one...mine for example has lots of variety and plenty of fruit...and Ive had a gastric band! Lol.

Take care
Thanks to both of you. I didn't go over syns this week at all, but you're right slightly over a couple of days the week before. It did average out though, and I know some people do take an average. But, you're right, I'm gonna aim for no more than 10 syns a day, and eat more free food. Lunch is where I ahve a problem usually. I work til 1.00pm, then straight to the gym. This means I daren't eat too much, if any lunch. Tend to snack at about 12.00pm, then I get home just in time to pick kids up from school, then snack again. At this time, I am grabbing HEXbs, maybe I should ahve easy, grabbable, take to work SS foods for eating around the gym. Thanks for the replies. I will keep trying and adjusting. It does seem a good plan, but I'm just really worried that it is too good to be true for me.

Here's hoping



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I actually don't think you're eating enough. Have a look through all your free foods and speed foods again. Get some chicken, lean ham or some crab sticks to pick and nibble on. I don't eat fruit much as I'm not a great fan, but if you like fruit eat loads of it. Just keep grazing all day on free and speed foods.
it's not 'star' week coming up is it? we can retain an awful lot of fluid on those weeks (i know i do!)
No * week to blame unfortunately. Just need to go onwards and downwards, and keep trying. I think red days are for me, though I did have an EE day today. They are just so good aren't they. Just feel carbs are bad for me. I will get some red day snacks. Crab sticks is good. I like them. Are they free?

Thanks folks

Feels weird to be told I'm not eating enough. Never been told that before!! I'll choose to believe it though. He he.



I think some people on the board find they lose better on Red days, hon - others like myself lose really well on carb-filled Green days, it's a question of trying out the various options and seeing which suits you best. :)

Keep going with it, try eating more free foods and see how you go.

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