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Too much sugar?


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Hi everyone, I've been logging my food diary using MyFitnessPal for two weeks now, and I've noticed there's a hell of a lot of sugar in the Slim Fast shakes. I've set my calorie allowance to 1200 a day, and that's adjusted my sugar intake goal to 28g per day, but it says each shake has 30g sugar in it! So I'm having over twice the daily goal just in the shakes, not including snacks and my evening meal! Is this right? It doesn't sound healthy to be having so much sugar every single day... am I doing something wrong? :confused:
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Hi Emma it's lactose sugar not the same as full sugar look on line for lactose sugar I'm on the shakes and I'm still losing weight


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I'm still losing weight each week, I just thought it was a little bit unhealthy. I'll definitely look up lactose sugar, I'm not very well informed when it comes to nutrition! Lol. Thanks :)
Hi Emma,

i think your absolutely right to be a bit concerned with the sugars, i think most people would agree that its defiantly on the high side. I think any type of sugar will have some sort of effect on your body.
Something i read:

"Sugars rapidly assimilated into your blood stream, they tend to cause a corresponding surge in your insulin levels. This oversecretion of insulin produces a spillover effect that is directly associated with increased fat storage. In fact, sugar-based products can actually promote greater bodyfat levels than high fat foods, making them highly undesirable for maintaining a lean, healthy physique."

Arggh...sounds bit scary!!
I think thats why meal replacements with a higher protein content like "the biggest looser" shakes are more recommended as they have less sugars and the protein content keeps you fuller for longer?!

But you got to remember that you are not going to eat like this forever, and you are loosing weight. Its easy to find faults in something that is working, its called self sabotage!
Im sure we would be eating as many sugars if we choose our own breaky and lunch....so theres no real issue;)


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Thanks for this Nadia! You're right, I won't be on Slim Fast forever, so I don't think I'll do much damage. As long as I'm losing weight, I'll stick with it :)

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