Too much water!!


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Oh jeeso, I am all light headed and have been for the best part of an hour! In a bid to get the scales movin again I decided to up my water (as my scales aint budged for couple of days!). I usually drink about 4 litres over the course of the day and eve, but this morn alone drank 3!! Think I drank it too fast as I just feel liek crud! Hopefully will pass soon. Weigh in tomorrow and I wanted a decent loss!
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hope you are feeling a bit better. Nothing like a water overload.
take care


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Well, this will sound really scary but I feel it has to be said too, there are people who have died from too much water (10liters) in a short amount of time (within the hour I believe it was) so please do be careful as there really is something like water overload!!

In your case, you should be okay but try to take pauses and not drink e.g. 2 liters in half an hour and try spreading them evenly (if possible) to avoid feeling bad!

GL on your weigh in!


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Yes, as an ex cardiac nurse you need to be careful not to overload TOO much on the water. I am talking 10 litres or more, but basically the heart becomes overloaded and cannot pump the water effectively out - that's why people get what we call 'oedema' where the body has a poor function to expel excess water and it collects in the feet and legs and in some cases weeps out!

Still mainly happens to old ladies and theirs is associated with a poorly functioning heart, but the heart can only take so much and 10 litres would be pushing it - you will be totaly fine!!


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Thanks for the replys, the feeling passed within an few hours. I usually drinnk about 4 - 4.5 litres per day and feel fine, but on the Fri i drank it all to fast and never spread it out. Wont be doing that again!