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took a gamble and it paid off x x


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Well as you may have read i am finding mu 3rd week a bit hard so had a moan yesterday anyway went to town with my friend today and went to new look walking past the jean i saw a pair of size 16 blue jeans told myself at the start of the diet that i would not try on clother untill i had lost 2 stone as it would depress me if they dont fit but i need new jeans and thought well if they dont fit its a kick to keep going and if they do then its a boost to keep going so i tried them and low and behold i bloody got them on and closed the button i was so happy i havent bought them they were still a little snug for my liking but last time i tried on 16s i couldnt even get them past my thighs without a struggle i hope to go back in a few weeks and get them just feel so good that i am shrinking at last x x
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Hi Jonsey,
well that was a nice surprise wasn't it, good for you. Just imagine what you can get in a few weeks time, you will be delighted with the changes even more then. Wishing you all the best.


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Hi Jonsey

Good for you...but you know, I dont think a few weeks..I would say next week. That is what I have found...you dont realise your body is shrinking until you try something on one week apart! You will be amazed if you go back next week and I bet they feel better and you buy them!!!!!!!!!

You are doing well and it is all worth it in the end. These little things spur us on knowing that it isnt for ever and we will get there sooner than we think.

Have a great week

Take care


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Well done. congrats! Just think what size you'll be getting into and a few weeks time. :)


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Thats fab hun. You never know, in a few weeks, you may even be able to get into some 14s! :D


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What a feeling!!!

Bet your chuffed chick :) xxxx


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wooo! that's awesome when you get a nice surprise like that! nothing like clothes fitting when you didn't think they would! :)
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Well done, it really does make it all worth while doesnt it

keep it up xxxx

Hellie Eds

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Well Done, I agree go back and try in 2 weeks its suprising how quick your body changes. It gives you a great buzz and keeps you motivated doesnt it. xx

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