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toothfairys diary

Well I have now been on the CD SS for 7 days today!:) Well the first few days were quite tough. Felt a bit rough on the 4 th day and had to go to bed!! Luckily i was working from home that day:) I am still finding drinking the water a problem as i have to travel for work. I have my weigh in tomorrow so i am a bit nervous about that as in my first week i am a little bunged up and i have my (ladies week). Hopefully i will have still lost something.
I have found that I enjoy all of the shakes and all of the soups. I like to have a soup at night as i feel like i am having a meal!:)
Well i will post on my diary regulary so that i can look back at my weight loss journey that has just begun:D

Bye Bye for now

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toothfairy diary -9lb

Well got weighed on saturday morning and I had lost 9lb so i am really chuffed. Still struggling to drink the water but i feel really quite good. Have no felt hungry at all. I cant watit to get weighed again on saturday to see what i can do next week!! Got to make an effort to drink the water!!:) Tried to make a mousse the other day but didnt like to thick consistency and it didnt taste very nice, but i do like most flavours of the shakes and soups:)
Will log in again later better get some paperwork done:(

Well 2nd week over and i got weighed today!! I lost 6lb in my 2nd week so i have now lost 1st and 1lb so i am absolutley chuffed to have lost that much in 2 weeks, I feel really good and my husband and son are really supportive. Although my mum does keep trying to get me to eat something and my brother has given me lecture on healthy eating and excersize and said i should not be doing cambridge. But i am sure they will be pleased once i have lost all my weight.:):D
Hi yes i am finding easy, i like the fact that i dont have to think about food at all. I enjoy cooking for the family which i didnt do before as we ate out alot. I find it very weird that i dont feel hungry at all. The only bit that i struggle with is drinking all the water.:)


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toothfairy that is a lot of weight in two weeks. I am truly inspired , you go girl
thanks usagirl and wl8s. Well this week has been ok. Still not feeling hungray but i am VERY aware of all the lovely smells of food. I am hoping the weight loss will continue over the next few months. Still struggling to drink water. Problem is i travel about for work, i try to drink in the car but by the time i get to my next appt am bursting for loo!! Also bit paranoid about bad breath as i have 3-4 appts a day at work and i have to sit with students who are dental nurses as i am their assessor so doesnt look good if i have smelly breath. Am spraying constantly.
Although i have these little hurdles i am really enthusiastic about this diet as i have never done anything that has worked like this before. Anyway looking forward to weigh in on saturday.:)


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Hi Toothfairy,

Glad you are still going strong. I too am paranoid about the bad breath. I have been taking wrigleys extra sugar free mints - just one or two a day though. I know they are not allowed but they havent knocked me out of ketosis or affected my weight loss.

Just drink as much water as you can manage during the day unless you have long journeys to make, but if you are struggling to drink in the day you'll have to drink in the evening - just make sure you stop a couple of hours before bed so you are not up on the loo all night. You need to make sure you get the minimum 2.5 litres every day and more if possible.

I understand exactly what you mean when you say you have never done anything that has worked like this before. Its amazing isnt it. If I had known there was a solution that was this easy I would have done it years ago.

keep up the good work


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hi tooth fairy
well done on your weight loss so far
keep up the good work
kaz :D
:)Well yesterday was weigh in lost 3lb. Was hoping to be in the 15's but will be next week hopefully as i am now 16st exactly. Friday was hubby birthday so we went out for day after dropping son of at school, he has gone on year 6 trip to wales for wknd. Hubby and i went shopping at bicester in oxford. I resisted buying clothes as i want to wait until i am at goal weight. I treated hubby. I did treat myself to 2 pairs of shoes as these are guaranteed to fit me whatever my size. I love shoes:) Yesterday sorted my wardrobe out into size order as i have clothes from size 14 - 22, thought i better get wear out of as much as i can as i go down the sizes:)


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Toothfairy you are doing so good. I love reading your post another 3lbs down wow. I am starting SS today. I hope my first week is as good as yours. so wish me luck and I will be checking back in on you. Once again fantstic job
Thanks usagirl, good luck with your ss im sure you will be fine just need to get over the first few days and i felt much better so hopefully will be same for you:)
Well i have really found the last couple of days difficult. Although i am not hungray my head is telling me different. I am already planning my aamw which starts on friday, i am hoping i will be ok going back to ss as i have quite a bit to lose yet. THink i was little disappointed last saturday when i had 3lb weight loss but it was better than not losing.
I am trying to drink more water this week but still hard. was going to make some jelly tonight but last time i made jelly and mousse it was horrible. Any better get back to paper work.:)


jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)
hi tooth fairy
i have almost completed week 12 and i still get voices telling me to eat

good luck on your aamw

kaz :D
Thanks kaz pleased its not just me.
Well i have for some reason been finding it really hard today. I have have been a bit moody with family and am not being very good with my packs. I have for a couple of days only managed to fit in 2 packs which i know is not great!:(
After argument with hubby nearly had some wafer thin ham but i didnt. Still need to drink more water. Suppose i am just having a low period at mo. Well better go to bed, got long day tommorow at work.


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Sorry t ohear your feeling a bit fed up. You've done so well though havent you and imagine how fed up you'd be if you'd eaten!!!
I think ups and downs come with the diet - some days i found really easy others were just so hard.

Keep going honey - you are doing so well. I bet when you get weighed next you'll lose at least 4lbs - maybe even more.

Keep drinking the water - i find it hard aswell and hate having to find toilets everywhere i go but it helps with the weight loss.

Great diary and i look forward to reading lots more. :)

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