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Top 3 reasons for losing weight??

hello everyone, i was just wondering what top 3 reasons everyone has for losing weight or 3 things they want when they lose weight?

for me it has to be:

  1. To be able to graduate at a size 12 and have an amazing dress for my ball!
  2. To not feel out of breath walking uphill or running up the stairs
  3. To be a mega sexy wifey and yummy mummy!
I feel that wanting these things will keep me going, all i need to remember is that Rome wasn't built in a day!
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Zumba Mad Mummy & Wife
1. Too be sexy wifey and healthy yummy mummy!
2. Too be healthy and fit into size 12's
3. Too be able too walk somewhere without sweating and being out of breath!

One day the above will be me!!!!!!
OOoh very similar to my reasons! I wish you the very best of luck and hope we soon get there!! :)
mine were:
1. embarrassed that i had to buy a size 18 pants for a wedding
2.wanted to be back in a size 14 comfortably( in a 10 now:))
3.to feel good about myself again!!

good luck with it,,it is sooo worth it!!
1. to weigh lighter to ease my joints (athritis) and asthma.
2. to look good in my clothes.
3. to feel better about myself.

1 to walk down the isle next year instead of waddling
2. To feel healthier
3. To fit into size 14s again


Zumba Mad Mummy & Wife
OOoh very similar to my reasons! I wish you the very best of luck and hope we soon get there!! :)
Best of luck back at ya hun!!

Kimbooee his mine hands off lol
1.to look and feel great.
2.to set an example to my daughter (i'm the only fat person in entire family)
3.to be able to shop for size 10 clothes again.
bonus one - i don't want to use being fat for an excuse for anything ever again!!!
1. Look and feel good about myself
2. Be able to fit into size 10-12 again (back to my college figure!)
3. Live longer, be healthy & fitter as a person.

yummymummy75 - such an inspiration!!! :D
Do I have to pick 3 lol i wrote out about 30-40 reasons a while back lol but my top 3 are

1) To feel comfortable within myself
2) To finally stop worrying about my weight
3) To never have my daughters see their mummy struggling with weight issues which may impact on them

I'm very conscious that I am my daughters role model, so i want them so see a happy person, contented in her skin, eating heathly and enjoying life. Not someone worrying about her weight and hating her figure.

There is a 4) which is be a sexy wife which i have to add lol
I've got four :)
  1. To feel I am in control and comfortable around food.
  2. Have the courage and confidence to go on a date ;) :eek:
  3. To wear a dress/top without a cardigan
  4. To slip back into that dress!! thats hanging in my wardrobe :D
My reasons :

1 To be fitter and healthier
2 To get back to pre pregnancy weight and be a run around mum :d
3. To look better
1) So I'm not singled out/remembered as "the fat one".
2) To be healthy.
3) And who knows, maybe one day I won't hate myself quite so much.
Ooo for me number 1 is to be a yummy mummy! Number 2 is to not look so huge as a bridesmaid next year next to the 2 other size 0 maids! And number 3 just to prove to myself I can do it as I've tried an failed a million times before!
This is a good thread

1) To take my sons swimming without being an embarrassment/embarrassed

2) To feel good about myself and look good - for myself mainly but also for my hubby - he's sick of me covering up after being together almost 10 years!

3) To fit into size 12's is a dream for me and I would love to get there - I've never been a size 12!
1) To not embaress my sons when they grow older - who doesn't want to be a yummy mummy (or MILF as my hubby says!!)?!

2)To increase my libido (sorry tmi!)

3) To wear the clothes i like, not the clothes that i think will look ok!
1. To be able to buy clothes from any store.
2. To graduate next year as a slim person :)
3. To improve my risk of developing health problems.

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