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TOTALLY off the wagon :(


Skinny girl in a fat body
OMG what a terrible day I've had. I have eaten :-
  • a packet of Doritos
  • fish and chips
  • a packet of Rolo's
  • a creame egg
  • a Galaxy ripple
  • half a big easter egg
Am I crazy? Why do I sabotage everything? Why am I sitting writing this STILL eating the easter egg?:wave_cry::wave_cry:

I complain I don't lose weight as fast as others, despite swimming more lengths than Sharon Davies this week, and I go and do this :eek::eek:

Someone give me a big kick up the ass please!!!!!!!!!
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addicted to minimins
Give it all away to somebody else! That's what I have to do when somebody gives me chocolates. I've even simply thanked people for the gifts and thrown them away when I got home because my hubby tries to watch his saturated fat intake.

Toss it out and start anew tomorrow or even today! You will probably feel better if you find a way to exercise.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yes, need to get back on plan. However, got a buffet lunch to do for the family next friday for the wedding :). Any excuse for a little get together. I really must be careful then too.

I really want to get rid of this last stone then concentrate on another half/stone if need be.


Full Member
The buffet your doing next Friday doesn't not mean you can stay off the wagon until then!!!!! If you can't stop picking at the choc then put washing up liquid on it, that way you can't be tempted, mad I know but that's what I do on the kids leftovers lol. Come on you can do it.xxxx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Nooooo, I don't intend to stay off the wagon until next Friday :eek:

I am back on plan tomorrow until then. I have wrapped the rest of the egg up, together with the contents ready to dispose of tomorrow. No more choccy for me.


has to be done this year
Don't worry too much mia, remember don't torture yourself over one day, I'm sure everyone gets days when they feel like they need to eat the 'baddies'... its eating the baddies that we regret that makes us wanna be good again, don't worry, just get back on track asap:)
Hey don't beat yourself up!!! I've had my first "day off"yesterday since I started 5 weeks ago and right back into it today !!!!!
Think most people have a blip planned or not and the sooner you get back into it the sooner that chocolate be gone lol xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well, I've been fine today - back on plan. Went to the gym and swam a mile then had my first shake. Will be 100% until next Friday - promise :D


Goodbye Tum
Dear Mia,

You asked for a kick up the arse so here it is,

Silly Billy, why even have that stuff in the house??????? Get in that pool (obviously not tomorrow it will be closed)

Right, promise yourself you'll do one whole week of ts, just one week, it's not much out of your life but see the results you get and next time an egg is calling remember that great loss.


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