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The bite size ramblings of Biker Chick

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Biker Chick, 5 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Dear Diary :D

    I started a food diary but as I also write a food diary in a notebook, I can't be bothered to keep track of everything twice BUT (and it's a big 'un) I do like to waffle about my thoughts and feelings during this lifestyle change/healthy eating plan/way of life/etc. etc.

    So here I am, writing to you. My name is Vicki and I'm a 32 year old stay at home mum of 3 boisterous boys under 9! Highest weight was somewhere around 15 stone after my middle child. Got down to 14 and hovered for a bit then worked my ass off on WW to get to 12 stone 8 lb. Then got pregnant and went on to have my third child - cue hovering at 14 stone after the birth for a while. One day decided enough was enough and operation WW from home part deux commenced. Lost steadily and reached 12 stone then maintained this for a year.

    This is where my SW journey begins. I want to reach 10 stone for my first target then re-evaluate.

    I am doing this from home and most (all) of my info comes form you wonderful mini minners! Week 1 I lost 3lb then STS for weeks 2 & 3. This week (4) I lost 2 lb. My jeans though, are HANGING off! I actually tried on (and buttoned) a size 12 today without resorting to laying on the changing room floor :eek:. Granted I didn't (read couldn't) actually move in them as I didn't want to rip them and have to buy them anyway :rolleyes: but something sure is changing in my body.

    So far, I am loving SW and look forward to making some new buddies along my rocky road (Mmmmm ice cream :gimi:)
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  3. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Found you! Wow you have done amazingly!! Can't see you not getting to your goal with that determination!

    maybe we can do this together since we are both online dieters. I am jan btw :). Don't seem to be able to do smileys from the iPad for some strange reason...
  4. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Hi diary,

    Thanks for the reply Jan, I'm Vicki btw :) yes, I would love to keep track of your progress and vice versa.

    Well I've just got back from a mini break with the kids. Had a great time but way overdid syns (mainly alcohol :rolleyes:) then woke up in the night with some kind of vomiting bug. Had to get everything packed and survive the 3 hour car journey home with my head in a bag!

    Weigh in tomorrow and no idea what to expect. Feeling excited to really knuckle down and stick to plan now. Planning some new meals so I don't feel deprived and going to give some red days a go.

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  5. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    hiya, Iv just started sw and Iv got 2 boys under 3 yrs old here! Youve had some great losses and well done for smaller jeans! As you two are exchanging names Im Inge as my username says. Sounds like Ing-eh (sort of like an a at the end instead of an e!) Im hoping to get down to 10st then check how I feel too. Good luck x
  6. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Happy Saturday!

    Welcome Ingeh :) and thank you for your comments. With 3 young boys myself I know how busy you must be with your 2! We will get to our targets, we can all support each other!

    Well weigh in today is showing 11.10.4 so a STS for me. Glad about that as I have had a great time away and it's TOTM. Hoping to see 11.8 next Saturday.

    Feeling slightly better after my sickness yesterday, just hope my boys don't get it too. Nothing worse than sick children!

    Going to draw up a complete meal plan for the week today so will add it here later.

    Habe a good day all x
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  7. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Hi ingeh :wavey:

    Glad you enjoyed your mini break Vicki and great to see you so determined to really get going now!

    I have four girls although they are older than yours - my youngest is 13 now. But I remember having four little girls all under 7. That was fun! And exhausting. Can appreciate how busy you both are.

    Really hope your boys have avoided the sickness bug!
  8. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    I weighed in at 11st 11lb this morning but its also my birthday and my boyfriend bought a chocolate cake for us all to share. Im not going crazy today but I can wait to be back on plan tomorow. Hope you all get better soon. I am terrible when ill and its harder with kids to chase after - mums cant rest and have a sick day lol
  9. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Omg just made the pasta and sauce quiche that everyone seems to rave about on here and it's delish!! I made up the pasta (broccoli and cheese flavour) with just water, added 3 eggs and seasoning, then bunged it in the oven for 25 minutes. Best of all its syn free!

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  10. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    I know its so nice. I might try it with no yogurt/cottage cheese too. I always add abit of yogurt to mine but it doesnt really add much. I could eat the whole thing, its so nice. When I make one I usually plan my day around it to add to my meals lol Im going to make one on monday and add chopped green beans to it to add some extra veg to the meal
  11. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Well my no alcohol week got off to a bad start! Had whiskey AND wine last night. Food has been good though.

    As expected my 3 year old seems to have picked up my sickness bug although he hasn't actually been sick, he has a high temperature and has been awake for 2 nights in a row. Needless to say that I am exhausted. The other 2 seem ok but are quite bored being stuck at home. Dh is off for easter though so can get them out and about then.

    Yesterday was a red day

    B - 4 Ryvita (b) 2 laughing cow light, ham, beetroot and coffee with skimmed milk (a)

    Snack - apple

    L - HUGE beef salad, extra light mayo (1) chopped apple, kiwi topped with vanilla muller

    D - chicken, spinach and butternut squash curry

    3 whiskeys :rolleyes: 3 glasses wine :eek:

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  12. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Aw your poor little one. Hope he is much better today and I really hope you got some sleep last night! No wonder you were consoling yourself with wine hehe.
  13. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Well no sleep for me last night either! My eldest has come down with whatever nasty bug me & Oz have had which was inevitable really. No puking yet (sorry!) but high temperature and aches and pains.

    Had plumbers in to fit radiators in the conservatory and builders replacing the fence at the end of the garden so it was like Piccadilly bleeding circus round here!

    Still another good food day and no alcohol - yay me!

    Red day

    B - 2 wholemeal toast (60 grams - HEB) cottage cheese, ham & cucumber. Coffee with skimmed milk (part HEA)

    L - Left over butternut squash curry. Kiwi, Pineapple, Apple, Greek coconut muller (0.5)

    D - Pizza chicken topped with tomato puree, mushrooms, spinach and 40 grams light cheddar (HEA) with butternut squash chips & courgettes

    S - Curly wurly (6)

    Total syns 6.5

    HEA - splash skimmed milk, 40 grams light cheddar

    HEB - 2 wholemeal toast

    I know I should have used another HEA & HEB but I just didn't want anything else. Will try and ensure I at least use both B's on a red day. Mind you I get plenty of fibre from fruit and vegetables and eat yoghurts everyday so that helps toward calcium.

    Well builders are back to lay the floor in the conservatory and the 2 poorly kids are ensconced on the sofa. My healthy child is also on the sofa so he will probably catch it next :rolleyes:

    Best go make the workers their tea or they'll never start work :D
  14. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Fun and games!!! All that stress should by rights cause you to lose at least half a stone!

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  15. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Hello Thursday, so glad it's nearly the weekend and a long one at that!

    So yesterday was another good red day - food wise. The stress of sick kids and Easter holidays meant the alcohol came a calling again. Honestly I can be 100% on plan with my food but I like a drink and once I've had one I just want to eat ALL THE FOODS! and usually do :p I really wish I was allergic to alcohol, I would be effortlessly thin :D Oh well line drawn and still determined to make this work.

    Meals planned for the bank holiday weekend including a picnic out and lunch at mum's. Just need to reign in the alcohol syns and jobs a good 'un!

    Making JalapeƱo pork burgers tonight topped with BOTH my HEA's worth of melted light cheddar served with BNS chips, which are my new fave. If I skip the wholemeal bun (which I'm not fussed about anyway) I can have 2 alpen lights for a treat afterwards. First time I've bought them, bit gutted they are changing the recipe and they will no longer be a HEB :mad:

    Food yesterday was

    B - 4 Ryvita (HEB) 2 light laughing cow (plus milk in coffee) = HEA, ham & beetroot

    S - Apple

    L - Italian chicken soup. Apple, kiwi, pineapple, toffee muller

    D - Beef & vegetable curry

    S - 2 whisky, 3 LARGE wine, small bowl jelly sweets, cheese & bacon pop crisps.

    Only 1 of each healthy extra and waaayyyyy too many syns!

    Hot cross buns ready for the boys tomorrow which I wont touch and too many Easter eggs for Sunday which also don't bother me (unless I have wine in which case I could well eat the lot mwhahaha)
  16. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Feeling poorly today, tummy is upset and really painful :( still been on plan food wise but surprise surprise it's the alcohol monster that keeps rearing it's ugly head! I really want to sink my teeth into the plan once and for all, as much as I enjoy them, I wish all the holidays and social gatherings would just bugger off!

    Weigh in from last Saturday saw 11 stone 9 lbs which is a pound down and 6 pounds down in 5 weeks. Slowly slowly catchy monkey :D

    Despite my alcohol demon, syns this week have been pretty much just that so I'm really hoping to see 11.8 on Saturday. I have a family meal out with sister in law from hell so I HAVE to look all slinky in my new dress!

    (edited to change skinky to slinky, I really can't be looking skinky lol)

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    Last edited: 24 April 2014
  17. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    hope you feel better soon and get a nice loss on weigh in day x
  18. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Thanks hun x

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  19. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    So today's nosh :D

    Extra easy

    B - tomato, mushroom and cheese (hea) omlette. Coffee with semi skimmed milk (1)

    L - home made vegetable soup with some penne pasta thrown in. Grapefruit, apple, kiwi & greek coconut muller (my favourite)

    D - chicken noodle stir fry

    Still got my b to use up so may have a couple of alpen lights with a hot chocolate later whilst watching tv :)

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  20. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Only ended up having one alpen light last night followed by a few vodkas (again :rolleyes:)

    Weigh day tomorrow and really hoping for another 1lb off. The problem is I'm going out for Steve's Granddads 90th birthday meal on Saturday night and I have bought a tight fitting jersey dress. I have spanky pants to wear but I just know that if I see a gain on the scales I will feel frumpy no matter what I look like! It doesn't help that some of Steve's family I've never met will be there (we've been married 9 years!) plus his sister that we fell out with and haven't spoken to in over a year. No pressure then Vicki :sigh: I am determined to walk in, head held high and bloody well enjoy myself but I can't help feeling nervous.

    Today's food goes something like

    B - Pasta n sauce quiche with tomatoes. 1 coffee with ss milk (1 syn)

    S - 2 alpen light bars, 1 large apple.

    L - Big bowl of home made vegetable soup. 2 kiwis, apple, Greek muller (0.5 syns)

    D - Left over freezer curries (butternut squash, chicken & spinach and beef madras) with yellow rice, home made bhaji type things and curried, roasted cauliflower.

    Will probably have some wine as well but after this weekend I'm going to really nail the alcohol consumption. It really hinders my progress and I really want to get to target this year. I am fed up with always thinking about losing weight and weigh ins and goals. I just want to be done and work on maintaining the loss and most of all toning and tightening my body.
  21. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    How did weigh in go?

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