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*** Totally on Track Thursday - Hour by Hour***


Morning peeps, well my daily water and walking challenge is working well as dropped a massive 0.5lb since yesterday.

Sitting here starting the day with a hot choc mint, and then its off to placement, home for driving lesson and then away to pole dancing.

I am absolutely shattered though - bloody husbands snoring is driving me mental. Thats now the 4th night in a row I've been unable to sleep through it. I've told him this morning that he might have to go onto the couch tonight. He's not happy.

Anyway - have a great day on track ladies and I'll see you all much later. Possibly even tomorrow,
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Morning Lexie - love the title!
have a great day on placemetn and pole dancing - would love to do that but have got no rhythm and would feel sssoooo self conscious!
well done getting another 0.5 off and geting healthier by walking.

Ive got another 0.4 off since yesterday aswell yey we are both going in the right direction!

heres to another 100% day for everyone and Im just off to update my diary


Whooo - don't really need co-ordination tbh Jess, its more about hangin on for dear life and "gracefully" letting gravity do its thing.

Well done on the 0.4 :D
tee hee - was never any good at gym at school - I could never get up the ropes - no arm strength - have got it in the legs but not in the upper body! enjoy anyway xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Morning Lexie and Jess and all.
Hope your both well...
Im doing good.. Im off to buy some new jeans this morning as I put some on last night when I went out with friends and they were actually hanging off me.. so embarrasing...

Enjoy your pole dancing Lexie sounds like fun...
Well done Jess you sound like ur doing fab hon ..

Heres to a great day ahead all........ and I have to think what Im going to have for my little meal tonight.



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good morning chaps. my weight has stayed exactly the same since weigh in on monday. so am hoping for a whoosh shortly or the extra month on cambridge is looking a wee bit daft. especially given we have no money and our flowers quote is £575!! i nearly dropped dead in shock!!

abz xx


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Morning all! Seeing my CDC at 10am, off rollerskating tonight. Housework and need to have a shower in between.

Hope you all have a good day! xx

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Morning everyone, wishing you all a fantastic day.

....and Curly what a brilliant thing to have to go and buy new jeans - yippeeeee!!!

Lets all stay on track or we'll be here till we're 90 hehehehhee,



Skinny girl in a fat body
Well as some of you know Enrique is coming to see me tonight :) so I am dead excited about that. Going to the restaurant first, them with their Italian - me with my CD soup. I am a bit disappointed this week with my weigh in results (again) but I cannot let that stop me. Everyone is noticing my weight loss and commenting so it must be working somewhere. I know I rarely have a few prawns when I am starving - and I promise, that's ALL, but I have promised myself I am 100% from now until 9th July. I go on holiday on 10th July and my sister has promised me fish and chips on 9th so that will be the next time I eat.

Hope everyone has a good day today and sticks in.


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i am bloody frozen!!

am sitting here with a nice hot coffee and it aint touching it. i haven't been this cold in a few weeks. thought i may not be so bad this time around, but the last few days have been awful!!

am headachey today too. am noticing that when i have bars i tend to be more hungry, well, psychologically hungry, but i like them so much i don't want to give them up... they don't affect my weight loss it would seem, just my brain, ha.

abz xx


Slimming down the aisle
I'm trying not to weigh myself daily, I know how obsessed with it I could end up! I've been really bad with drinking water the past few days but am going to really try to hit 2.5 litres today. Even if I just have to glug it all before I go to sleep! How do you guys find the water flavourings? I've got sunshine orange and while it makes a nice change, it's just so sweet, even though I only use half a teaspoon.


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i only use the quarter of a teaspoon thing per litre when i make my summer berry one as i find it so strong!!

if you make it stronger and put it in those ice lolly moulds it makes great ice lollies though :)


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Morning all, No major plans for me today but I converted the pram into the pushchair last night so milestone first walk in the pushchair today! Oh and weighing myself in p.m, next weigh in will be a week on Monday with CDC as she's on hol just now.

Hope you all have fab totally on track Thursdays!


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Morning ladies.

My GP gave me permission to restart CD yesterday afternoon, so back on track for me today. I'm only showing 2lbs up on my last WI, which I'm impressed with as I've really struggled to get enough water down due to the tonsillitis. WI is Tuesday, so lets see how much I can lose it 5 days. I am starving this morning, think I'll have 4 packs if I'm really struggling. I still feel pretty weak and pathetic, it normally takes me a week or two to fully recover, so I'll see how it goes.

Its my birthday tomorrow and our babysitter cancelled on us cause she booked a last minute holiday and my parents are in America, so no night out for me :( I've been cooped up in the house for too long, I need some kid-free time out. Anyone fancy having my two beautiful little monsters for the night? ;)

Hope you're all well xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Ah Lisa, I would lol. I am glad you are getting back to good health and also back on the diet. 2lb on isn't too day. You can probably lose that in a couple of days (it would take me a week :(), but onwards and upwards. I am sure yuo will still enjoy your birthday but I can understand a night out would have been good. Still, you can have a night out next week I suppose when you are feeling much better again. Good luck


Slimming down the aisle
I'll have your kids for the night Lisa :) Well, I would if you were close, but I don't think you are, are you?


Slimming down the aisle
Are you feeling more positive about CD again now Lisa?


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Actually Caroline, I had totally forgotten that I was ready to give up last week!! Over the last few days I've craved getting back onto CD, and when the doc said yesterday that I could, I was over the moon. I'm actually feeling really nervous, eating was hard, but getting back on track is scary.

As for the kids, I'm up in Yorkshire, but I could FedEx them down to you ;)


Slimming down the aisle
Yup I'm a bit far away then otherwise I would have offered!

So glad you're over the giving up thing and really getting back on track. You'll be back to fabulous losses in no time!

Woo to the wii fit! I do like mine, I try to do yoga, muscle exercises and hula every day or at least every other day!

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