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*** Totally Thin Thursday - Hour by Hour ***


Morning ladies (and of course any lurking gents)

Was trying to have a lie in this morning, but hubby aay on business and taxi rang the house when picking him up, so I'm awake now.

Not much to report here, still pottering along on CD, Loads of people at uni yesterday telling me how well I look, one person didn't recognise me and so told them about CD. Mixed responses, some might look into it, 2 are going to try it and a few of the negative responses, but not bothered.

Looking forward to today, driving lesson and then meeting friend for coffee, with a choc tetra of course!

Have a great day everyone, stay 100% and "I'll see less of you tomorrow"

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Loving losing
Morning Lexie and others when you get up!!

I love people's reactions to CD - even tho I am not following it now, I am a HUGE fan!! It has given me such a good bosst and a different mind set.

Not much happening here apart from a day at work today and another GCSE to cross off the list - Graphics today and not a jot of revision done, bless. However loving his new job in IKEA so at least something positive.

Liking the look of my scales this week but have to wait until Saturday, just hope it stays as it is. I only look for it to go down now on Slimfast and don't expect huge losses so anything is a bonus!

Have a lovely day all - blue skies here,makes me feel good.



Cambridge Consultant
Morning Lexie and Ibiza and all.
Hope everyone has a fab day today.
My day started at 3am as the boys were both up went back to sleep but seem to wake every hour..
Anyway Im on day 100 today........ WOHHHHHHHHHH feeling good and loving cd......... The sun is shining what more can a girl want lol ..
Im running really late so better go get ready hope everyone has a fab 100% day today.... x
Morning everyone!!!
Curly congratulations on the big 100 !!!!
50 days tomorrow for me!
Hope you all have a great day tomorrow.....
I'm having a good day so far, one of those days, when I looked int he mirror and suddenly saw a difference....
Does that happen to everyone?



Silver Member
Morning Tilly, Curly, Lexie and Ibiza. Great news on the 100 days Curly, bet you're buzzing!

Needed to come on here and rant and rave.... my tonsils are swollen and (sorry, if TMI) there is a big white puss filled lump on one of them :( Back to the docs I go. I'm sticking to CD no matter what the doc say, at least it gives me all the vitamins and minerals I need in a 'swallowable' form. I don't think I'd have the strength to restart again if my GP takes me off it. Keeping everything crossed.....

In other, better news- my scales have me with a 5.5lb loss this morning. Must be the 3litres I drank yesterday helping me shift the water weight I'd gained. The last few weeks I've been really behind on water cause I just could not swallow it. So I'm a happy bunny, even with the tonsils being mean to me.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Morning ladies. I feel good today. I needed to see that 4lb loss last night just for motivation - I was losing it big style. I treated myself to a mousse last night but going to limit them to say, maybe 3 per week and see how that goes. I am on day 52 now so half way through. I know some people lose more than a stone a month but hey, I would be ecstatic if I could lose that. I've got 7 weeks left and want to lose 1st 10lb, hands up who thinks 24lb is doable in 7 weeks???

Anyway, the water is proving difficult this morning. I have only had 0.5 litre and usually I've drank at least a litre by now. I think it's a psychological thing becasue I have got a skirt and tights on today lol. I usually wear trousers which I can just pull down without doing the buttons etc. when I go to the loo and I just hate going to the toilet with tights on hahahahahahaha (I think I've got 'issues' hahaha).

Be good x
good morning everyone!

well done on the 100 days
and the 2 women with 50 days! So great!

I have a 2L bottile of water here, going to try to drink it by 13:00. need to stay 100% today .. so might check back in if I am feeling weak.

Have a super day everyone!



well done Curly, Tilly and Mia! All great acheivements,

Lisa sorry you're feeling a bit pants.
Afternoon evryone, I was too busy this morning to post but I have a few minutes now.
Curly congrats on the 100 days!!!
Mia and tilly, keep going your doing great.

TMI:::My totm finnaly reared its ugly head, but I am relieved about it. Get it over with. not feeling too good today. paracetamal and back to bed (always like this on my first day of totm)

Better news, scales are down 1lb so far. Hoping for at least 2 this Saturday WI.

Keep your chins up girls, end of the week is near!!!


Silver Member
Hiya folks

been a long time since I posted on a daily, but I'm back now and plan to post more often.

Day 2 of my restart, so far so good. Yesterday was great, felt good about it all, controlled the hunger pangs by splitting packs and drinking copious amounts of water. This morning, uh not so good. Haven't done anything naughty, but I could've eaten the leg off a scabby dog this morning.

I'm 1 1/2 litres down, have had a porridge to sort out the hunger pangs and plan on another good day.

Roll on seeing the ketosis fairy


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Afternoon everybody, HB isn't working till 6 tonight so he's been busy up at the computer.

Ok day so far, got into my old size 18 jeans! they're a bit low but pretty sure that's more the style than the size. Been hungry first thing today and yesterday so I've had my mousse first thing! My TOTM here too but if its like last time then it might last 2 weeks, hopefully not though.

Well done on day 100 Curly, day 52 Mia and day 50 Tilly, it's day 49 for me today. Lisa- fingers crossed for GP's appointment.


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Wow, the thread is quiet today. Hope that means its because we're all busy being good.

Didn't manage to get an appointment with to GP and they couldn't give me a pre-bookable one until next week, so I'm a bit miffed. I can take my chances at ringing up at 8.30am tomorrow, but all that normally happens is that you hear a recording of the stuck up receptionist telling you how busy theey are for an hour, only to get through and find the appointments are all taken. Gotta love the NHS!

Caress, its day 2 of my restart today and I woke up feeling crappier than crap too. Was so incredibly hungry so have thrown myself into being busy. Hope you're getting on okay. Shoot me a PM if you need a chat x


Silver Member
Yip it is quiet here today isn't it? I've had mum round for coffee, she was Ok today -its a very rare occasion that she doesn't say something to annoy me!


Slimming down the aisle
Hey everyone! How are you all doing today?

Lisa, hope you're feeling better real soon!

I finally got all of my assignments done to hand in tomorrow morning :D I then went around town for a bit as I got quite bored at having nothing to do! I ended up buying myself a tripod... whoops! But it's fine, it was on sale and a great offer!!
Busy busy busy today guys. sorry havent posted too much. did anyone try the psyllium husks? I have made banana pudding and vanilla pudding yesterday with em. They really fill me up and I have been to the loo twice without ducolax!!!(TMI). WOW. Maybe fill me too much? I dont even want my 3rd shake.(but will for the nutrients).


Slimming down the aisle
I bought some of the husks but haven't tried them yet. Might tomorrow or later with toffee and walnut! How did you find making it?
hey all

very boring day been in all day waiting for the courier to pick up my laptop,
and ive missed it was in the kitchen :doh:
so thel pick it up tommorow which is ok as i can stay on here for abit longer

i wont be on site for a good two weeks i really dont know how il manage:(:(
I bought some of the husks but haven't tried them yet. Might tomorrow or later with toffee and walnut! How did you find making it?
Caroline, just make the shake with hot water and add the huskd slowly until it starts to thicken a little bit. give it a few minutes before you add more coz it will continue to thicken. you can always add more if you want. Teaspoons not table spoons is my advice. I love it loads!!! Very filling!!


Today I bought myself

2 la Senza bras (36F :( better than the 36FF I was wearing I suppose)
1 new set of jammies from Primark size 12-14 :D
And an epilator from Boots. One leg done, the others waiting til bath later, also tested bikini line too, not too bad actually :D

oh aye want to see my before pic?


Also managed a pot of Puerh tea, a free coffee and have samples of Lemon and Ginger tea (got 10, but saving them for after CD)

Good day

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