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  1. rebecca02uk

    rebecca02uk Wants to be slim :)

    Hi All,

    Having read through a lot of posts, I have noticed that weight losses have tended to be lower (in most cases).

    I am TOTM now, haven't noticed in the past bloating any more than usual so just wondered what people's opinions were?

    Hope you are all well x
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  3. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Well my periods are worse since CD... as in longer.. now 4 days used to be about 2 max and heavier!!! more painfull...but i dont care lol

    Am no more bloated than pre CD also i dont really notice any gains or staying the same during this time but i do drink alot of water on CD usually 5 L's a day so that could help?
  4. Hayley 22

    Hayley 22 would like to be slim

    I dont get any bloating at all.... Had TOTM on first WI on Thirsday though.
    Could effect WI sometimes, have notice most people see a drop in weight loss at this time but its no surprise really.

    Everyone is different though hunni

  5. Suzie_

    Suzie_ Full Member

    Can't say that I really notice a difference. My weight loss tends to fluctuate wildly anyway (once I get going - I'm still on Day 6 at the mo :D). Even sticking to SS 100%, I'll lose 5lbs one week, 2lbs the next, 1lb the next week and 6lbs the next, LOL. I'm used to how things go with me now. It still works out at around 12-14lbs a month.

    I think that's what you have to keep in mind really. We're not machines. It should be as simple as energy in=energy out but for some reason it doesn't quite work like that on a week to week basis... :rolleyes:
  6. rebecca02uk

    rebecca02uk Wants to be slim :)

    I guess we're all different but by the sound of things, I don't need to worry too much!!

    Is there logic behind your smaller weight losses Suzie or is purely random fluctuation??
  7. rebecca02uk

    rebecca02uk Wants to be slim :)

    Strange how your periods are heavier...

    not sure I will have that trouble as I am on the pill so fingers crossed will still be regular x
  8. fairyclairy

    fairyclairy Full Member

    Well, TOTM for me too, I didn't realise it was coming up toTHAT time already! Don't feel bloated but def feel lousy, tired, grouchy, etc as I usually do. Mine started day after weigh day but I still lost 4lbs which is great for me as on all other diets even if I stick to it 100% I usually gain around 2-3lbs.

  9. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Yep heavier sorry to go into TMI but... could normally get away with about 4-5 tampons throughout whole period pre CD this time been going through bout 10/11 so i know they heavier lol

    Also like the lady above up there my losses are very varied.... one week can be 2 pound another 5 pound with no reason generally
  10. rebecca02uk

    rebecca02uk Wants to be slim :)

    You have done so well to lose 5 stone!! how long did that take you? I'd say that's my ultimate goal...!
  11. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Awww thanks :) it's taken 5 months exactly including 2 weeks off plan on holiday in July :D been hard at times but in general have found it quite easy!

    You'll do fine ;)
  12. rebecca02uk

    rebecca02uk Wants to be slim :)

    I can't believe it - that is absolutely fantastic!! Do you have b4 and after piccies on your profile? Can't view anything yet as not made enough posts :(
  13. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    I'm waiting for my CDC to send me over my before pics she took in may they are evil was 17'9 when I started now 12' 7 ish not sure as CDC on hols LOL I do have some pics in there though. Keep posting you only need 50 :D
  14. rebecca02uk

    rebecca02uk Wants to be slim :)

    Oh wow - so how many dress sizes have you dropped?? It is ladies like yourself that inspire me !!x
  15. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Was a 22 in may now buying 14's even bought 12 trousers from next last weekend for motivation :D got them on but won't do up. They'll be fine by time I go away :D

    This diet is ace,,, you'll lose a stone a month if you stick to it faithfully LOL x
  16. rebecca02uk

    rebecca02uk Wants to be slim :)

    Excellent. I bet you are over the moon! Size 12/14 is my target, currently sitting in 18!
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