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Hi ppk,
I think everyones experience is different I'm afraid. My totm just arrived while on attack and I found that I didn't lose for a day but I've started again so it wasn't too bad. The important thing to remember is that it's only temporary.

Karen x


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My bodys way with weight at TOTM is I gain a little the day before and 1st day than usually have a huge drop. I hate being a woman :) but yeah karens right everyone is different :) xxxxxxxxxx
Thanks, dont think im due for a couple of weeks, i know when i was younger (a lot younger) i used to gain roughly 7lbs then loose it when TOTM finished.


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Many say they don't lose at that time, but don't let that push you off track to use it as an "excuse" to come off the diet... it'll come off the next week! Perhaps avoid weighing in if a gain might upset your applecart.

Good luck!


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I just started what I think of as my TOTM - and my period is still about 10-12 days away.

I know by now that the scales will show almost no loss of weight until the day after my period starts, and then about 5-6 will tumble off in a week.

I imagine that my body is still losing fat but replacing it with about 6 ilbs of water.

It was tough the first time it happened; I didn't understand what was happening, and almost panicked when I thought I'd stalled; luckily I just gritted my teeth and stuck it out until the scales gave me that nice surprise at the end.
I hold on to extra weight, no doubt. It's only water though, uncomfortable but temporary!

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