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Tough challenges ahead of me

Hi Everyone

Hope you're all having a lovely Christmas. I need to write this because it's playing on my mind and I'm hoping someone will be able to offer so much needed advice.

I'm gearing myself up for my New Years Resolutions beginning next week, but the thought of them is scaring the hell out of me. The reason being is I'm taking on some tough challenges in 2011. I've tried this year but am yet to achieve them. They are as follows:

1) Lose 5 stone in weight
2) Find a new job
3) Sort of my horrific finances

The reason why they're scaring me is because I know it's going to be such a difficult task to do all three.

I've battled with my weight for so long now and really want to lose it, but can never find the strength and determination to get to goal.

I've also been looking for a new job in London and have applied to so many, but am just not getting the break. The thought of more knock backs is awful because I know where that will lead..binge eating.

As for my finances, I need to find a job so I can stop binging so I can stop spending on my stupid credit card.

It's such a silly situation I have got myself into and am trying SO hard to get out of it but just don't know what to do. I can't talk to my family about it because they don't know about my binging and I don't want them to know because I feel ashamed that I do it.

Anyway, I'm determined to do it this time, I just hope my will power supports me through it this time!
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Hi Bella!
Sorry you're having such a tough time. Not sure I can really advise but what I wanted to say was don't be too hard on yourself. You have already taken steps to achieving your goals. You have joined here for your weight loss, you are already trying to find a new job - so try not to get too down (I know this is easier said than done!)
Maybe break down your goals into smaller targets so you can see your progress. If your binge eating is worrying you, maybe you could go and get some help from someone that you can talk to (counsellor or doctor?) - and remember there are always people here who will support you as much as we can!
Sorry I know this probably isn't much help but I hope things start to work out for you soon
Take care
This is why I love this forum so much :D the support is epic, and it's a great distraction from cravings and desire to binge eat etc :)

Your goals are pretty much identical to mine :) (so feel free to keep me company and vice versa in 2011!)

My new years resolutions/goals are -

1) Lose 5 stone
2) Get a job
3) Sort out my social life!

I find it hard to get back in to the motivation of losing weight, and the other two goals not going as well as you want make the weight loss goal seem harder and more daunting. It's easy to sit on the sofa with curtains shut and ice cream in hand pretending that the world will be fixed in the morning, but unfortunately it never seems to work like that huh? :p

Here's hoping that January 2011 being the START gives us all a big kick :) - one thing I've been finding is that I'm loving fitness DVDs and games, they're fun and you don't notice the time going past. Dancing in your pj's/underwear is always fun, put on your favourite songs and you don't realise just how much you're moving. Also, it's a great help to have this forum and know there's always someone who's going through/been through the same things - whether it results in advice or just someone saying there's always a light. :D

Don't lose hope, sight or motivation for what you want, it'll happen :D
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your replies. I think at the time of writing my original post, I wasn't feeling the best so it's come across as quite negative. I've been to the gym for the last 2 days and it seems to have really helped.

Miss V - don't worry, your response was very helpful, it's nice to see people care on this forum, so thank you.

Divster - baby steps is definitely the way forward. I'm adopting a slow and steady wins the race attitude to 2011!

Miss Jelly - I'll hold you to that request to keep each other motivated. It will be nice to have a buddy on here! Well done on your weight loss to date, you're doing really well!

Chat to you all soon and thanks again :) xx


Thoroughly Determined
I agree with Miss V. Break it down into smaller, less daunting targets.

Reward yourself when you reach these targets. Yes, you want to lose weight, but still enjoy your life. The two aren't mutually exclusive. I also believe in varying your diet to prevent your metabolism getting into a rut. Easiest way, on Slimming World is to have a mixture of R, G & EE days and to vary the amount you eat on each of these days.

Look forward to seeing your first goal achieved! :D
Not much advice to give just wanted to wish you good luck, I do agree though break it down into smaller chunks, try not to do too much at one time, maybe make the job your priority then once you are financially stable you can sort any debts etc xx

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