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Tracking syns weekly?

I much prefer to track my syns weekly, 70 per week, as I find it makes the plan more liveable and it doesn't make me feel deprived at all to only have a couple through the week so I can have a bottle of wine or a big bar of choc on a Friday night. However, I went to my first meeting last night and my consultant said this wasn't recommended (even though she admitted she does the same!). She said when I get close to target I may notice it affecting my weight loss. Not sure how close to target, as I only have 24lbs to lose anyway. Has anyone else found this affects weight loss?
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I've always tracked mine weekly, all the way to target too. On the SW website they say this is fine as long as you don't feel deprived during days when you have less/no syns.
Some Consultants take a personal decision not to recommend this, but I go with the SW official line and it works for me and several others on here who do the same.
Thanks for the reassurance eternity: it's good to know you got all the way to target doing this. I would rather reduce my weekly syns than have to count them daily: even on 35 a week (equivalent of five per day) I could still have my weekend treat!

Do you know where on the website it says it is ok to do this? I'd like to show it to my consultant next week.


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I have always tracked weekly. My job doesn't leave time for snacking etc and my syn free dinner is enough to fill me up. I would never get through 10 syns a day without making myself eat them just for the sake of it. My weekend will always include a night out so I use my syns for that. Like most choices you have with SW its about what works for you and helps you stick at it long term. I know some users who couldn't go a day without a piece of chocolate or sauce with dinner, but its what works for you.
Hmm, well I couldn't find anything in the main website or members only website FAQs about it being ok to track weekly, I wonder if they have changed their guidance on this? I'm still going to do it though, unless I do notice my weight loss stalling because of it which I doubt I will.

The only thing I could find in the FAQs was about saving syns:

Q: Can I save up my Syns for the weekend?

A: You may find that saving Syns is counter-productive in the long run. A great alternative is Flexible Syns – using your Syns as normal throughout the week and increasing your Syn allowance for a night out or a special occasion. Flexible Syns put you in control of your weight loss campaign by empowering you to accept that the occasional over-indulgence is ok and that it doesn't mean that you've failed and that you should give up completelty. You will find out more about the power of Flexible Syns at your Slimming World group or as an Online member within the members' area of the website.


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S: 14st1lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 1st6lb(10.15%)
When I was on SW about 5 years ago I would save them up and I got to target with no problems. Any gain I had was down to going over my syns. I knikiw about Flex syns but using that method scares me..... Would rather stay within my weekly limit with a night out.
I don't really get the flexi syns thing. It's not really a weight loss "method" as such surely: you'd just be going over your syns. It's helpful insofar as it encourages you to stay on track during a big night out rather than writing off the whole week, but it's not something you could do every weekend as it would just result in weight gain. I would rather have my weekly syns and try to keep within them, and only do the flexi syns thing in an emergency like an unexpected night out (lucky I don't go out much - or maybe not! ;)).

If I had a big night out planned, I could save a max of 105 weekly syns (15 per day), which would be loads and I'd still be within my allowance. I wouldn't feel deprived through the week if it was a one off. I can't imagine ever feeling deprived on SW really, as there are so many delicious free foods. If I had a choc craving I would have a Hi-Fi bar as a HEB. If I wanted a takeaway, I would make a home-made one (chips or a curry). I think weekly syns just make the plan that bit more liveable and mean I am likely to stick to it in the long term.
I think the flexisyn thing helps wit losing weight in the long term as it keeps you in control and focussed and helps to prevent you throwing in the towel just because of one occassion etc
When I started I used to have my syns daily but now I have the recommended 5 a day at least and save some for the weekend etc my losses are slower now but that could be for other reasons (I've changed plans, its further along in my journey etc etc ) I think try it and see what works for you and if you keep a record of your syns then you will be able to see if you think it affects your losses.


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I'm a weekly syn counter for exactly the reasons you state and it hasn't done me any harm yet. Whatever works for you!

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