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Tracy's CD SS Diary!

Going into my 6th wk on SS tomorrow! Although it is getting easier I still feel the need to have someone to talk to about what I (we) are going through.....feel free to leave comments on my diary about your triumphs/ troubles!

My wi day is on a Monday so keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow although I have spent the whole wk feeling as though I have cheated, my cdc advised me to eat small portions this week as I had done ss for 4 wks. I had grilled chicken (yuck) and grilled fish (even worse) so although I was doing as I was told I felt terrible after it and ill! I felt as though I had something in my stomach that shouldn't be there and didn't feel very good for a couple of days!

I will check in again tomorrow afternoon as my wi time is 11.30am I look forward to reading your comments and finding out when your wi days are. Keep up the good work everyone.

Tracy x
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Hi Tracy,

Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow. I am on day 5 and my weigh in is Tuesday night, I am doing CD with my hubby (Dave) which is a great help. Well done for getting into your 6th week and the weight you have lost so far.
hi, ive done 6 weeks of SS on wednesday, although i have had a few days of, my weigh-ins are every wednesday, i have lost 25lb so far,
let us know your weigh in results!
Hi weighed in today, lost another 3lb this week and another inch off my waist so absolutely delighted. Thanks for all your comments it really helps....

Woke up this morning with severe cramps in my stomach couldn't even stand up straight but it soon sorted itself out after 2 cups of black coffee!!

Well done on all your weight losses, keep it up.

Tracy x
Thank You, bk on ss this wk which I am pleased about as I didn't really enjoy eating which is very unusual for me. Has anyone else experienced this when they have been advised to eat after the 4th wk? when is your wi day Sarette?

Tracy x


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Tracey, Well done on your loss so far, you are doing great! Isn't it fab to get into the next stone bracket!!
Was wondering why your CDC has suggested adding food in after wk4 my booklet says that you can do SS for 12 wks before having to do a wk of 810?

Good luck for another great week!
Yes that's what I thought as well, I didn't want to add in food but she advised it as she thought I might develop a fear of eating food which in a way I kind of understand as I have hated every minute of putting food in my mouth this week and I still don't feel right now. I feel as though everything i have eaten hasn't got down to my stomach it's sitting between my chest and my throat! Basically without sounding disgusting I feel as though if I was to burp it would all come up again. Not a comfortable feeling at all.

Tracy x


Trying to stay healthy!
I know what you mean after doing SS for 10 weeks it did feel strange having food but I certainly didn't want to add it in any earlier than necessary as i wanted to get to goal quickly like we all do i suppose. Once i had to add food in again when i got to BMI 25 it did take a little getting used to but it was fine and now i love doing the 810 plan, still not at goal just yet but not far off and am moving up the plans slowly so as to ease food back in gently, definitely not afraid of food now but CD has sorted out the picking denial I was in, so am now very aware of what i am eating which is a good thing i think.

Yh being naked always helps sarette (jewellery and all) ha ha and after the first wee of the morning I always find! I don't trust my scales in my house as in my bedroom I am always 2lb lighter than I am in my sitting room so guess where I weigh myself?! Also if I take my dressing gown off hey presto I've lost another 4lb ha ha x

I am so pleased Lellycd tht it sounds as if it's going to get easier I nearly had a nervous breakdown (not really) in my first wk as I thought I was never going to eat my favourite thing on this planet ever again which is spag bol (yummy)

Also what makes things harder for me is that I have a 7 yr old little girl who is disabled and has no use of her arms which means not only do I have to cook the meals I also have to watch the food go into someone else's mouth ha. It makes me feel as though I have at least gone through the motions of eating!! I feel absolutely disgusted with myself that I have let myself get this far especially since I am only 24 but hey 2 kids and 4 and half stone later here I am beating this food addiction I had head on and pleased to say winning hands down or lbs down rather (sorry couldn't resist) x
Weighed in today another 3lb lost yippee!! And I haven't been very good this week as my gran and grandad were down from scotland so we went for a meal! I was planning on having a no carb meal but that went out the window when I spotted my grandads Garlic Naan Bread! Really suffered the next day though, severe stomach cramps again.....

Going now to have a strawberry mousse (yummy?) I haven't tried it before

Tracy x
It's brilliant to read all your positive weight loss results - really helps keep me motivated!
Thanks "NewYearNewMe" Isn't it strange how we have started off as roughly the same weight we are currently the same weight and our goal weight is exactly the same too.......keep in touch with me and let me know how you are getting on through this please
Tracy x
Hi Tracey - will do!
Congratulations on your weight loss. I think I might get abit scared when it comes to introducing food. I've already said on another thread that I like the fact that food is removed from the equation with CD. We can't kid ourselves can we ? It's made me realise how much I pick (kids left overs, last bit of bread on chopping board, bit of cheese too small to grate, broken biscuits !!), none of which I count when doing WW and then I wonder why my weight loss is so slow !!
I really didn't want to add in food and I'm getting a bit nervous about the fact that I have to at some point move up the "steps" and start eating normally.....I keep thinking if I start to eat I'm just going to keep on eating and all my hard work will be undone quicker than I can even say the word "CARBS". Never mind another WI day is looming I always get so nervous thinking I've put on or stayed the same weight......I'm just rambling on now so I'm off to have a Strawberry Mousse and a hot Chocolate mint as I have just put my kids to bed for the night and hubby is still working. Just me and the world of soaps for a couple of hrs (Bliss)

Tracy x

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