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Tracy's food diary-Red/Green, got to lose this baby weight!

Hi everyone!
First of all when i say baby weight my son is actually three! Recently realised i can no longer use the excuse 'ive just had a baby' as a reason for being a bit of a porker!
I did slimming world before i had my son and lost weight easily on it, got to my target of nine and a half stone. My son turning three and the impending horror of a hen do to ibiza have given me the kick up the bum i needed, the thought of wearing a bikini looking like this fills me with horror.......
So, im hoping by posting on here it will help to keep me on track and shame me into staying focussed. Ive been on the plan 3 weeks now and have lost five pounds. I am doing red/green days but mostly red at the moment.
Today's diary is as follows:
breakfast: 2 be good to yourself sausages with grilled tomatoes

Lunch: Pasta (HE) with bolognese (beef mince)

dinner:lamb curry with squat green chillies and SW chips (HE)

Snacks (gulp!) 2 custard creams ( 6 syns) muller light, apple, satsuma and cottage cheese oh and a spoonful of olive oil used throught the day (6syns) never could get on with frylight.....so 12 syns total.....not so bad!

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Ok, day 2 of my food diary, having another red day.
Breakfast: two rashers of bacon and grilled tomatoes.
lunch: 1 slice wholemeal bread, toasted and toppwith tuna and grated cheese with a pack of snack of jacks (5 syns)

Ive got a question if anyone can help me answer it i'd be grateful. Is it possible to 'halve' healthy extra's? i.e today ive had milk (just a splash) in tea so not enough to class it as a whole HE but ive also had a little bit of grated cheese (again not enough for a 'whole' HE) so theoratically could i combine the milk and cheese to make one complete HE? Does that make sense?!

Im making oven fried crispy chilli chicken for dinner this evening and am really looking forward to it!
Well the crispy fried chicken was superb will have that again! Had it with roasted vine tomatoes and salad.

Been a good day today, 5 syns for the snack a jacks, 2 syns on a muller light (the one with the cherry layer) and 2 syns on 5 ml of olive oil.
S: 11st6lb C: 9st7lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 1st13lb(16.88%)
looks fine yes you can split HEA and HEB but on red/green you get 2 of each
also extra virgin olive oil is a hea 1 tablespoon
Righto its friday!! Only thing is i can hear the call of the naughty 'weekend' foods! Is it just me or does anyone else feel like you have to have treats at the weekend? Anyway red day today:

Breakfast: 2 be good to yourself sausages (1 syn) 2 slices of wholemeal bread (HE) and tomato ketchup (.5 syn)and a satsuma.

Lunch: A platter with carrot sticks, cottage cheese, rocket, tomatoes with basil and sliced ham. Then a lovely pud which was 2 chocolate alpen lights (HE) melted in the microwave and topped with a muller orange yoghurt with chocolate sprinkles. In fact the alpen lights were so nice i used up 3 syns on another!

Dinner: Steak, garlic mushrooms and rocket and tomato salad then off to the pub! Fingers crossed i dont get the drunken munchies......
Right then, friday night could have gone better but it wasnt too bad, had two gin and slimline tonics (5 syns) and a small glass of red wine (4syns) topped off with ten syns worth of fruit and nut, that took me to 22.5 syns.....not great but not too awful.

Saturday, cant for the life of me remember what i ate, only that it was a red day and i had 8 syns!

Sunday, apricot wheats for breakfast (HE) with milk (HE) an apple and a banana.
Then had a last minute trip to ikea, was dreading this but was very good and had chicken salad without even any dressing! although i could hardly hear myself think over the sound of meatballs, chips and gravy screaming my name. Very proud of myself for resisting. Did have two bites of a dime bar cake though (guessing at 2 syns) then for dinner just eaten beef stifado which was incredible with sticky garlic potatoes (HE) followed by a muller light. So only 2 syns for today, helps to make up for friday nights synning!
Monday, start of a new week and still going strong. Starting to feel like this is now a change of lifestyle rather than just a temporary diet im going to do until i lose the weight.
Actually having a green day today. As a family we are adopting the 'meat free monday' as devised by Paul McCartney, we are not veggies but cutting down on meat cant be a bad thing. So for breakfast i had one slice of toast (large slice from a 800g loaf - HE) with baked beans and a fried egg.
Lunch: SW chips with VLF mayo (1 syn) a banana and a muller and a handful of blueberries.
Dinner: Planning on making a roasted vegatable lasagne with SW chips. Will use 8 tablespoons of reduced fat creme fraiche, i'll be eating half so approx 4 syns.
Tuesday.......another green day today, got lots of last nights veggie lasagne leftover so thought it made sense.
Got a real test of willpower coming up, having the kitchen and utility ripped out so going to be without a kitchen until at least saturday! any reccommendations for slimming world friendly food that can be rustled up using only a fridge kettle and microwave would be gratefully received!
Breakfast today: shreddies (HE) and milk (HE) lots of water to drink
Lunch: last nights left over lasagne (2syns)
Dinner: planning on a microwave jacket potato with cheese and beans (HE)

Think im going to end up having a couple of gin and tonics at the end of the day, with all the drilling and hammering i think im going to need them!
S: 10st12lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 0st3lb(1.97%)

Hi there i was just reading your food diary there your doing brilliant.

When you have a minute could you please give me your beef stifado receipe and your sticky garlic potatoes sound fantastic.

Im getting married in August and im struggling so much with this diet just now. Im trying to have a full week of Red days coz i feel they work the best!

Many thanks, keep up the good work!

Hi jaders!
Thanks for writing on my thread, was beginning to feel all alone on here!
Well, yesterday went a bit awry, still had jacket potato for dinner but with cheese and sweetcorn instead. As predicted, needed a gin and tonic, but managed to stick to only one (2.5 syns) and approx 6 syns worth of penn state pretzels. Bringing yesterdays syn total to 10.5.

Back to red days as of today, ive had 2 fried eggs on wholemeal toast (HE) with butter (1syn) for breakfast and then made a bit of an error with lunch, had two sausages with plum tomatoes, thinking they were the sainsburys 50% less fat ones so 2.5 syns each, however they are actually only 30% less fat ones, looked everywhere for the syn value but cant find it so will estimate 4 syns each :sigh: What a waste of syns! So far today then 9 syns. Planning on roast chicken and veg tonight, hoping to keep in syn free.

Right jaders, those recipes you wanted! The beef stiffado is a legitimate SW recipe (from the magazine) These ingrediants make it for four people:
2lb braising/stewing steak
1 onion
2 sticks of celery
1 carrot
16 shallots
can of chopped tomatoes
salt and pepper

Marinade ingredients:
100ml red wine
312ml beef stock
2 cloves
1 cinnamon stick, broken up
4 garlic cloves
2 bay leaves
2 tsp dried oregano
6 allspice berries
4 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 orange, zest and juice

put beef in bowl and cover with all marinade ingrediants and leave over night.
Remove meat from bowl, but dont throw away the marinade! brown off the meat in a pan, add onion, celery, carrot and shallots and fry for 2 more mins.
Add the reserved marinade and the tinned toms, season, cover and cook on a low heat for 2 hours (i just whacked it in the oven) Until the meat is tender and the sauce has thickened......heaven! Hope you enjoy it!
I dont know whats the matter with me today, im starving. As well as all my meals for today as listed above, ive snacked on:
carrot sticks
2 muller lights

feel like im eating too much to ever lose weight!
You can also add a hunk of cheddar and some roast potatoes to yesterdays snacking last, as least they were both HE.
Another red day today:
Breakfast: Apricot wheats (HE) with milk (HE) and sliced banana and strawberries. Hungry an hour later, so had a muller lite and a pack of fruit salad.
Lunch: Think im going to go for a tuna toastie but i'll have to syn the bread as i want to use my other HE for SW chips to go with my tikka masala tonight.
So if i stick to this menu and stay off the gin and tonics tonight i'll be able to have a couple of guilt free glasses of red wine tomorrow night.
Another day......still starving! Hope this is not the beginning of the end that will see me falling off the wagon :(
Supposed to be a red day today but switched to green because i always feel i can eat more on them.
Breakfast, shreddies (HE) milk (HE) and strawberries.
Snack: Fun size twix (5 syns) Muller lite and tea with 2 sugars (2 syns)
lunch: SW chips with ELF mayo (1 syn) tinned spaghetti and dry fried eggs.

8 syns so far, find it so hard to stick to ten syns or under as the weekend approaches, does anyone think allowing myself 15 syns at the weekend is a bit silly or is this ok?

For dinner im planning on making the maggi super juicy chicken (think its a couple of syns per portion) corn on the cob and more SW chips.
So glad i found the thread about the 1 syn lager! should stop me using up syns on wine!
Wasn't so bad last night, the magi so juicy was really nice and just had one can of 1 syn lager (thank god for that find) and a g&t.
Breakfast today was one slice of wm toast (half HE) baked beans and a dried fried egg. Vigourously painting the utility room today so that can count as my exercise!
Going to a childrens party this afternoon, being surrounded by cakes and kiddy food is going to be a serious test of my willpower.
Oh god, messed up bigtime. As predicted ate two fairy cakes AND a slice of birthday cake at the kids party. Then, went to an Indian restaurant in the evening, tried to be good and had half a veg biriyani (green day) but half a garlic naan and 3 glasses of red wine too! Eeeek!
So mad at myself, feel like I've wasted the last four weeks :-(

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