Gone fishing
My son has :D He uses it to bounce on and off the garden trampoline.

I've had a go (on the tramp too), but it attracts the neighbours. They all start looking out of their windows and giggling :D


Loves VLCD's !
No but I am seriously considering getting one ! I love exercise that I can do to music. Just a bit worried about hitting my head on the ceiling ! Outdoors might be an answer but I can't think of anywhere really flat to put one in my garden. Need to solve this first!


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Hiya Jen!

I too have just dragged mine out of the garage, and put music on to bounce along to! I am loving it at the mo, and it helps me to get up to my 10000 steps target per day. I have been doing about an hour a day, although a have been poorly all weekend, will start again today!


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hehehe jen glad you had fun on your tramp.

ive managed to nick a lateral thigh trainer of my aunty cos she never uses it so will see what thats like when i finally get hold of it!!

need to tone my BLTs!!!