Transitioning from dukan to paleo

Discussion in 'Paleo / Primal Diet' started by LittlestWookie, 17 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member


    Title says it all really!

    Has anyone done this?

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  3. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Hi I've tried every dad diet going - including dukan - but couldn't handle pp days missed veggies and fruit - ok I admit I fall off the wagon a few times - but the heals are fantastic - pure good with imagination - we are having bacon and mushroom risotto for tea ( with callifloewer rice instead of rice ) green salad - and strawberries and cream for afters - delish !

    Good luck
  4. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    I got to tw on dukan and then started following primal. Found it great for maintaining, but struggled a bit to use it to lose weight. But I think it's a really sensible eating style, and I prefer it long term to strict dukan.
  5. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    Hi Hun,

    I think this is what my goal is... To RE on dukan then transition to primal xx
  6. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    I think that's a good plan - and that way, you can always do the occasional pp day on primal if you start to see any gains.

    Do you read the primal website, Mark's Daily Apple? Lots of great advice and resources there, and I love the story of Grok the caveman :)
  7. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    I've got both his books on kindle! Really interesting to read :)

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