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  1. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Hey guys just thought id give this diary thing a go as I've read so many other peoples on here and it's really inspiring! It's gave me so much support maybe I could do the same for others and officially document my own journey along the way so here goes :) Without making this too long I'm a single mum of 3 beautiful children twin boys aged 9 and my daughter 12 there the main reason for me to finally do this! I've always been a yoyo dieter my journey started as a child my mum being Scottish and her love for cooking homemade huge dinners lol (not that we complained) but that's where it all began.

    Anyway here I am at my heaviest aged 33 and a embarrassing 21st 8lb :-( and the beginning of my lipotrim journey xxx I'm coming to the end of week 5 and will try to keep this as updated as I can xxx

    Start weight 21st 8lbs. :-(
    Target 10st 3lbs. :-D

    Start day- march 25th 2014
    Week 1- 12.5 lbs loss :-D
    Week 2- 10 lbs loss :-D
    Week 3- 8.5 lbs loss :-D
    Week 4- 6.5 lbs loss :)
    Week 5- 5 lbs loss :)
    Week 6 -5.5lbs loss :)
    Week 7 -4lbs loss :)
    Week 8 - 7.5lbs loss :-D
    Week 9 - 5lbs :-D
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  3. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    P.s hope I've posted this in the right place if not I apologise xx
  4. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    Omg tracee your losses are amazing. this forum keeps me going I doubt id be able to do it otherwise.
    Keep us all posted with your successes your doin fab well done xxx

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  5. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Thanks Gem and your right this forum is so amazing for support! How's your journey going?
  6. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    Hey. Its goin ok so far. Id like to eat but im not hungry at all think I just need to break the habit. Im still amazed how much youve lost its amazin n just proves to non believers that the diet does work. Ive got three stone to lose started at 12.1 and on day 5 lol I hope it doesnt take me too long. Either way im stickin to it.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

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  7. sazzybaby811

    sazzybaby811 Member

    OMG...well done Traycee...your months loss is sooo amazing..and inspiring...Im on Day 3 and struggling with hopefully the last day of sugar cravings.....but your loss has been truly amazing and given me that little boost....thank you for sharing because it really does help newbies like me who are in the throws of a battle of plan is to use old clothes as a goals system...instead of weight or size...therefore I know how many years Iv just reversed...and Ill treat myself with some pampering...I never do that..but its all about getting into the habit of positive rewarding...:);):cool:

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  8. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Welcome Traycee!!

    Brill losses to date. Well done! I have tried this diet before with fab results. Got to 10st 2lbs and felt fantastic. It does work.

    Continued success lady.

  9. Elle89

    Elle89 Member

    Reading your results are amazing!!i just joined this site now but I'm starting lipotrim on Monday and I'm really excited to get started I just hope that i stay determined....I have 5st 7lbs to lose and I've struggled with my weight my hole life but I really think now is my time and you have really inspired me with your post and results and I am looking forward to starting now....please continue with this diary and posting your results....continued success to you I look forward to following your story!!
  10. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Gem on this diet it's so achievable I keep saying to myself is this really happening ?? Lol
    Stick with it can't wait to hear your loss Hun xx
  11. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Hi Ava thank you so much and lots of luck and will power sent your way too xx

    Have a fab day xx
  12. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Hey Elle and again thank you you ladies are so lovely and reading your comments have made me smile xx

    I can honestly say DO IT!! The first few days are like a eternity but once you hit ketosis it's brilliant!! I can honestly say I've not been hungry In over 4 weeks ?? Mad huh ! Lol

    I will definitely keep this updated and one thing that I'm doing not sure if it's helping with my loss but seems too is drinking my water ice cold ! I fill 4 litre bottles every night before bed for the next day it seems to be working?

    Best of luck Elle for Monday where all here if you need help xxx
  13. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Aw your welcome Traycee. Have you had many cravings over the 4 weeks? My constant craving is Chinese :( I would KILL for one lol!

    Good idea with the water. Glad thats a help to you.

    Enjoy the rest of your day doll

  14. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Hi Ava and the one craving I have had which is weird is a harvester I wasn't a massive fan before but I guess when something is taken away from you you want it more lol!

    Hope you have a wonderful lipo day chic ;-) xx
  15. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Sunday 27th April 2014.

    Ok today in going to start to introduce short sharp bursts of exercise through my day I've made a tick chart to cross off when I completed I've involved my kids too to make it more fun hehe.

    They are as follows 10 sets of 4 minute jogging on spot/marching star jumps and the last 10 seconds a fast run on spot ** wish me luck**

    Hope you ladies are have a fabarooney day xxx
  16. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Whats a harvester? It must be a UK

    Thanks have to get thru a family lunch.....eeeeek!

    Well done on the excercise. Good idea to do a chart. It should help u keep on track :)

  17. Elle89

    Elle89 Member

    thanks a million I really appreciate that :) I'm really looking forward to starting tomorrow but I just hope I stay determined and strict! I'm planning to do it for 14 weeks do you think this is achievable? Also does anyone know roughly what I could expect to lose in 14 weeks if I was to be strict and stay disciplined?

    wishing all you ladies continued success and I'm looking forward to officially being a lipotrimmer tomorrow :) xxxx
  18. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Ava Harvester is like a grill restaurant not the best but the salad bar is so lush lol

    Hope your doing ok chic xx
  19. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Hey Elle welcome to your new start on lipotrim :-D just read your diary can't wait to see your progress and 14 weeks is definitely doable you will get up days and down days I find on down days I hop on here for some inspiration it really helps xxx

    Best of luck for week one were all rooting for you Hun xxx
  20. Traycee

    Traycee Full Member

    Monday 28th April 2014.

    Ok didn't complete my exercise routine yesterday on done 5 lots due to visitors but to day I'm all over it! Kids are back in school so no excuses trace! Weigh in day tomorrow so anything over 2lb I'll be pleased with.
    Will update tomorrow after weigh in xxx

    Have a great day everyone xx
  21. sazzybaby811

    sazzybaby811 Member

    Elle....its definitely doable...tough at first...but youll find ways to trick yourself and make it work for you...I lost 8lbs after 3 days...cant wait for weighing in....on most diets what iv lost in 3 days people lose in 3-4 weeks...when you see the losses and add them Tracees which is amazing..and my goal...thats your incentive...keep a diary on this...Iv found its helps a lot...even if nobody replies your putting it out there...and people see it..but you know your not along...even when suffering on bad days...wer all here for each other...cos we all properly understand...:D:D:D

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