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Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by jessiemurf, 4 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. jessiemurf

    jessiemurf Full Member

    Hey guys i know this sounds a bit stupid but is it possible to follow a diet plan all week and have a 'treat day' where i can have meal out or takeaway and a few drinks and still lose weight? or will this really affect my loss? im currently on a low cal diet mixed with slim fast, and hit the gym 3 to 5 times a week my first weigh in is Friday but i have a night out planned on sat and worried about un doing my hard work this week.
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  3. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    It depends on how much you need to lose, how close to goal you are etc. Personally I had no off plan days for the first four months, just to make sure my weight loss routine was established, but I did have 10 stone to lose. Now I'm maintaining I have one special treat a week, but not a day off plan or I know I'll gain. It all depends on what your priorities are really, as to whether you're willing to sacrifice a week's loss in favour of an evening out. Maybe once every month or two? :) xx
  4. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    I think it's possible but not regularly once or twice a month yes as long as you make smart choices if your getting a take out try the lower calorie options or if your sharing have half as much as you usually would. Listen to your body and stop when your full not stuffed. Make good choices with your drinks diet pops added to spirits if your having them not full fat and limit yourself to an amount of drinks you feel comfortable with say if you normally drink 10 drinks when out try limiting yourself to 5 or 6 even 7 would be less intake than the usual 10 if you know what I mean. Just be careful with your choices for example there is less calories in diet pop and vodka than there is bailies :) I just wouldn't make it a weekly thing haha I think a good point in a diet is incorporating it into your every day life if you stop things you enjoy you will soon get fed up of depriving yourself - even if your not depriving yourself you will feel like you are without the occasional treat xx
  5. jessiemurf

    jessiemurf Full Member

    Thank you bridgee that's Fab. I only drink diet pops and always try n have a more sensible treat when eating out or take away its my birthday coming up and I'm stressing out about being able to have a drink as I'm going away. I lost 6lbs on my first week so I must be doing something right but I had a chow mein at the weekend but was within my calories but I still felt guilty lol.

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  6. liquoricet

    liquoricet Silver Member

    Personally I would say yes, enjoy your party, just carry on the next day. It might mean you lose 1lb instead of 2 but we all want to live a life. This is why I'm losing weight slowly.;)

    People without food issues still overeat/drink it's just occasional rather than every week/day!
  7. jessiemurf

    jessiemurf Full Member

    Thank you hunni i gues you are right, anyway as long as i lose i dont mind, like you say we still need a life its so easy to get wrapped up in stressing over a diet lol, id rather enjoy myself and lose 1lb than be strict, surely one day cant make much difference? plus i weigh myself on a friday so if i go out saturday i have a week to burn it off at the gym!! haha
  8. holly xxx

    holly xxx Full Member

    i think its important to have the odd treat, as long as you dont let that treat lead you to another and then another like i used to do! - as soon as i had eaten that one treat my brain would automatically say 'well, you have done the damage now, you might as well have that chocolate too' or whatever i was craving at the time - its all psychological and if you can learn to let a treat be just that, nothing more you will be fine!
  9. size12wannabe

    size12wannabe Member

    I do this and it keeps me sane lol! Just don't have a too extreme one and you should be ok, just go straight back to your plan the day after,its best if you can make it a treat once a fortnight or month as it will slow your weightloss abit.
  10. Ashley100

    Ashley100 Member

    You should have a treat day every so often, as long as 80%of your diet is clean and you are exercising regularly, then you will be fine
  11. Starski

    Starski Member

    I did this for a year and lost a lot of weight. Sunday was 'Sinday' and all the **** I'd want to eat during the week, I'd tell myself I wold have on Sinday. It worked pretty well for a while... Especially as you are so bloated and sick on Monday, you can't stand the sight of food and look forward to salads...

    But it's not something you can keep up, it's unhealthy and the wrong attitude... Sticking to the mind frame that healthy foods aren't as delicious, living for the Rubbish Day... So IMO, a GOOD starting motivator, but eventually it's much better to learn to treat yourself when the opportunity presents itself (like a party or a dinner out) and ditch the notion that such food is 'sinful' and/or can only be enjoyed in excess. ;)
  12. 3-pounds-togo

    3-pounds-togo Member

    I know this is a bit late but for future reference. Yes you can. My current diet allows me to eat what I like on Saturday. Of course it does depend on what you are eating during the week, but a good plan is, if you do fall off the food wagon one day, just count up what you've eaten then make up for it the following day or over the following 2 days. I think it's better to compensate the day AFTER rather than the day BEFORE eating too much as you are less likely to put on the additional calories as fat by reducing the calories the next day. (I don't always do this myself but I still thinks this way is the ideal scenario).

    That said, the above scenario is only if you overeat quite often, otherwise I'd just carry on as normal the next day and don't let it phase you.:cool:
  13. Rud

    Rud Member

    Definitely yes, just make sure its not the night before weigh in and make sure that it doesn't throw you off, because I think that is the worst thing because it lends to bad eating patterns, so if you do just don't go mad, try and reign it in a little - easier said than done though. Just don't drink too much, because all I know is its the hangover days that ruin me. I was at a hen party on Saturday and yesterday I had a donut and a full fat coke for breakfast. I had a good few yoghurt and chocolate covered rice cakes and a burger. Then I had lots of chicken wings with blue cheese dip, potatoe salad, salad, gelato and brownie and angel delight. I have no control when I am hungover. Compared to the old days when I'd have dominoes for breakfast, mcdonalds for lunch and a Chinese takeaway for dinner, its a vast improvement though, I'd say!!

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